Cabinets To Go Syracuse NY Review Kitchen Bath Wood Cabinet

I was looking for new kitchen cabinets in the Syracuse NY area and I was having a difficult time finding anything modern.  Everything was so traditional looking.  I kept looking and finally ended up at Cabinets To Go in Syracuse and I’m so very happy I did.  Cabinets To Go sells Kitchen and Bath Wood Cabinets, flooring, vanities, and more.

Here’s my review:

I had the best most favorable experience with Cabinets To Go in Syracuse. The entire staff was professional and both courteous as well as patient with me as we went through all the different cabinet options, accessories, designs, etc. Ryan my salesperson was incredible throughout the process and I would absolutely go back and do business with him again.

The cabinets I ordered came in very quick and they were very accommodating in terms of letting them stay there in their warehouse until my hardwoods were done and I could pick them up. Upon unboxing them, I found that these particular modern cabinets were a bit complicated (they’re not all like that I assure you) and I needed help in getting them assembled. I called for help and the manager George dropped what he was doing midday and came out to my house to assist. In the end, he ended up taking his own free time after work to help me assemble the cabinets – you have no idea how amazing that was.

I now have great cabinets at a fantastic price. I could not recommend Cabinets To Go more!!!! Great company that stands behind their product.


Wireless Meat Thermometer Digital Dual Probe Long Transmitter Range Grilling BBQ

NOBODY likes overdone food. With this wireless thermometer, you can choose your protein (beef, fish, chicken, pork, …) and literally monitor it from the other room or inside your house (think: BBQ!) Dual (2) probes and timer function!

Take (4) AAA batteries, insert them into both the transmitter and base unit. It has multiple channels so you can avoid interference from other devices. Attach one or both of the probes into the base station transmitter and you’re ready to go. On the receiver, you can use the MEAT button to set the type of protein you’re cooking. Use the TASTE button to determine the level of doneness you want (rare, medium, etc.) You can even use the timer function if you want a more manual experience, or you can put in your own manual protein temperature (let’s say you’re cooking a protein a second time in the oven (like a casserole or bake) Easy to manually set your points on this.

It updates quickly, has a big screen for easy viewing, you can clip it onto your belt or put it on the transmitter stand if you’re using it in more of a wired mode.

It works great! It’s the perfect accessory for BBQ ‘ing, grilling, roasting, baking, etc.

This is one fantastic kitchen tool!!!

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USB Charging Cable NJSJ 4 in 1 Multiple USB Charge

I bought a 4 in 1 charging cable from NJSJ previously and one of my friends liked it so much that she stole it from me! (ok, more like BORROWED!)

These are absolutely handy little things to have.  And now NJSJ has a 2-pack of them at a great price!  $10.99 on

The way it works is simple.  You plug the standard regular size USB end into whatever power source you want.  Battery pack.  AC outlet.  12 Volt Car Adapter.  Computer.  Whatever!

And then it breaks out to 4 plugs that fit a variety of smartphones, tablets, etc.  8 Pin Lightning (not MFI certified), USB C Cable (the new standard), Micro USB Cable, Mini Cable and USB 2.0.  It’s perfect for a variety of different uses.  Now keep in mind, this isn’t a sync cable… this is only for charging.  It charges fast, up to 2A per cable with current overload protection.  

I tested this against the standard charging cable that came with my iPhone and while the manufacturer of this says it’s not MFI certified (i had to look up what that even meant) it charged my phone about as fast as the original cable.  No noticeable performance degradation.  The real selling point of this charging cable is the ability to have a small form factor with all the different connectors on it.  ESPECIALLY THE NEW USB C CONNECTOR!!! A lot of new devices are supporting USB-C so having a charge cable even before I own a device that will use it — that’s awesome.

Put one of these in your kitchen, bedroom, even in your car.  I’m going to keep one in my gazebo so when guests come over for movie night and they need power – it’ll be readily available.  OH and I forgot to mention – i used a Neff Solar ( Charging Panel in combination with this charging cable.  So not only did it work with AC adapters and battery packs, but it worked off SOLAR POWER TOO!!!!  (this solar charging pad is pretty amazing.  See the Photon5 at  – but that’s another story entirely!

I promise you that you’ll find many uses for this charging cable….  Awesome little cable!

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Adorable Glass Cutting Board Kitchen Rules

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this glass cutting board!!! If I made up the “Kitchen Rules”, it would be THIS. It’s a small family business and their products are absolutely INCREDIBLE. No joke. Seriously, how cute is this!?!? It makes a great addition to your kitchen, or perfect for a housewarming or Christmas Gift!!!! Check it out and support an awesome family run business. #kitchenrulesutilityboard #Sample

Mini Stainless Steel Tongs Set Multipurpose 5 Piece

When I cook, I always run out of kitchen tongs.  Always.  I’m constantly using them to turn, toss, flip, etc. and I won’t use them again until they’re washed if they have raw meat on them.  I’m constantly using forks or other utensils to substitute for tongs because there’s never enough of them in my kitchen.  I was able to purchase this set (in red) for a substantial discount in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.  I have no affiliation whatsoever with this company.  I’m just a guy who likes to cook!

The red set is cute – are they big and sturdy?  No.  But they’re 5 for $10!  I didn’t expect them to be.  But they will probably hold up decently for what they are.  What I love about them is the fact that I can use these initially to turn over raw chicken, pork, beef, and not worry about the larger tongs getting dirty.  The smaller size is perfect for dishing out perfect portions of pasta, tossing salad, tons of uses.  It comes with a tong for just about every cooking action – so you won’t run out again!  Even though they aren’t the most sturdy – I still think they’re a good addition to any kitchen drawer!

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Spiral Vegetables for Pasta or just being Fancy!

Presentation counts, right? Of course.   You see a meal come out with fancy spiraled vegetables and instantly you go “ohhhhh! NICE!”  It’s a nice treat to have vegetables presented that way.  Or using zucchini instead of pasta.  If you’re gluten free, that’s a God send right there!!!

So, I had an opportunity to receive the Brieftons 5-Blade Spiralizer for free or heavily discounted in exchange for providing an honest and unbiased review.  Of course I can do that.  I have always wanted one of these anyhow!!

Let me say first off that it’s SO EASY.  Assembly took literally a minute, tops – and most of that time was spent unwrapping the pieces from the plastic wrap!  The instructions were very clear and the thing came together quick.  After it was together, the tough decision of what to spiral first was DIFFICULT!! So many choices!  I selected a cucumber and once I got the hang of it (about 10 seconds) the entire cucumber (long seedless one) took about a minute flat.    Maybe even 30 seconds.  It went super quick.  I should tell you that the blades are SHARP so be careful when putting them on and taking them off.  Ouch!  The cool thing about this spiralizer is that it cores the veggie too.  The center core of the cucumber with all the “mushy seedy type stuff” was left in a rod and it was so nice to not eat that!!!  This is a VERY AWESOME kitchen gadget tool that you will absolutely want to play with for yourself.  Think of all the fun stuff you can do with it!!!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!

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