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QIBOX BM-800 Condenser Microphone with Pop Filter

A little about me… I spent 12+ years as an on-air radio personality for a top40/CHR station here in upstate New York. I’ve been looking for a great condenser microphone and a boom suspension arm for quite some time. I had an opportunity to receive a promotional sample at a highly discounted price in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

Now…. for the boom arm. This is awesome boom microphone suspension boom arm for home studio use! It’s not as heavy for sure as the ones we used at the station, but it also doesn’t need to be. It matches with the microphone nicely!

One HUGE THING HERE…. if you’re using the arm with the microphone — YOU NEED TO TAKE THE BOTTOM ADAPTER OFF THE MICROPHONE CLIP IT COMES WITH!!!! I tried and tried and tried to get the microphone suspension that came with the mic itself onto this arm and it wouldn’t go. I finally figured out that there’s an adapter on the clip that you need to remove and then ALL WAS WELL!

Also, if your desk or tabletop is beveled on the edge, you may have a hard time getting it to hold on there. Mine slips off easily, but it also does that with the monitor arm clamp I have as well — so it’s a flaw of my desk, not of the product.

Overall, it works great!! SUPER PRICE!!! Highly recommend!!!!!

The microphone is amazing, too!  It has great response, bright and clear – everything you’d want in a condenser microphone. Comes with all the goodies…. shock mount, XLR to 1/8″ cable, and the wind guard.  Once you put the shock mount on, the microphone slides right in.  Easy to go in and out, piece of cake.

You will need to supply phantom power to this — that’s the only downside.  But the quality of this microphone is far superior to anything else you’ll find at this price…. and EXTREMELY better quality than what you have on an integrated device (iphone, camera, etc.)    Great for doing home studio audio projects, podcasts and the like.

Very good quality, and excellent value for the money!!!

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