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Car & Home Microfiber Duster by AutoZiv

Dust is everywhere.  Your car.  Your home.  You just cannot escape it.  I’ve literally been sitting here at my desk for months going “I wish I could reach the corner of my office because there’s cob webs that I just cannot get to!!!”  Seriously.  I have a curved desk and I cannot get at it.  I received one of these Car & Home Microfiber Dusters for free or heavily discounted in exchange for an honest review.  GOOD, because I needed one!

First of all, the absolute first thing I did was get it, telescope the handle, and reached the front left corner of my office.  Cobweb was eliminated, score one point for Dennis.  I used it all around the edges of the ceiling and was pretty shocked how much dust and cob webs there were.  Actually, very shocked.  I took it outside when I was done, shook, and it was ready to go again.  The telescoping handle was perfect for this application.  Now I also drive an Escalade so I can see this coming in REAL HANDY when it comes to dusting the top of my vehicle…. let’s face it, black gets dirty quick so black vehicles need to be dusted constantly.  Not necessarily washed, but certainly dusted.

Now that brings me to the “other” duster — I look at this as a bonus because I really needed to clean the office — but the dashboard one works great too!!! Very easy to hold and does a mighty fine job of getting the dust off your dash.  I’m super happy with both of these!   And you can remove the pads and throw them in your washing machine, too!!!   How easy is that!?!?!?

At $22 for the set, it’s a great value!

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