A travel charger kit with power bank… Yes! So you can charge lots of devices at once, and charge when there’s no outlet around.  Pretty cool concept.  How does it work?

Let’s disclose first that I was able to purchase this travel kit at a significant discount in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.  My words are my own and I have NO affiliation with the company whatsoever.

The battery pack is small, doesn’t hold a lot of charge – but it’s good “just in case”.  I wouldn’t rely on it for all-day charging on your phone, and especially not for a tablet.  It’s 2200 mAh and 800mA – so it’s not a full 1A (or 2.1A for a tablet) so it’s small….  But like i said, good for in a pinch situations.  And wnsure that you turn off the battery pack when it’s not in use or it will discharge.  There’s a decent break-out cable that has plenty of microUSB and lightning adapters so you can charge quite a bit at once.  I’ve tried a couple devices at once and it worked with the wall adapter.  Not sure I would try to get 800mA out of the battery into more than one device at once… It has (2) microUSB’s, a lightning, some kind of “other charger” which I’ve never seen before, and an old school Mini-USB (which I think my toothbrush actually takes to be honest with you!)  I think this is really the best part of this kit… Having a full-SIZE USB on one end to plug into a wall adapter, and a variet of different connectors on the other to service whatever need you want.  The wall adapter is 1A 5V output, so that’s good – but I might bring a 2.1A high output (like you get with an iPad) on vacation / trip just to be able to charge faster.

Overall, it’s certainly decent, and comes in a little travel case.  I’ll probably end up bringing this Jastek charger on my next vacation…

See this power bank travel charger at: Amazon.com