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Youshares iPhone Qi Wireless Charging Receiver

This is a great solution for wireless charging your iPhone! Especially when you love your case and don’t want to use a wireless charging case.

In full disclosure, I was able to purchase this wireless qi charger at a significant discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.  I have no affiliation with the company or seller whatsoever.

Ever since I bought a GM vehicle with an integrated charging pad in the arm rest, I have wanted a wireless charger.  But a lot of the wireless charging devices for the iPhone are actually cases.  But what if you love your iPhone case and don’t want to change — you just want to add wireless charging to an existing case?  That’s where this Youshares iPhone Qi Wireless Charger comes into play!

It’s thin – it goes into every case I’ve tried it in.  Even lifeproof cases!  The connector goes into the bottom of your iphone’s lightning port and its so thin that it’s barely noticeable.  Then all you do is place your phone on a charging pad or cradle and it begins charging automatically.  It’s a little slower than using a USB charging cable, but the convenience of wireless Qi charging far outweighs the tiny bit of charging performance degradation.

And once you go wireless … you won’t go back!   And when you do have to plug your phone in for syncing, it’s very easy to remove and plug in a charging/sync cable.  No issue whatsoever.

Highly recommend this charging receiver!!!!!!

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