Great Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds (non Apple)

I bought these in white and they’re very good for the price. I’ve tried other earbuds (including Apple’s!) and for some reason they don’t fit in my ear very well. I use them while mowing the lawn and the other ones are CONSTANTLY falling out of my ear. Ugh, it’s annoying. Sure, they don’t have all the bells and whistles that my Apple ones do, but the fact that they fit so perfectly for me makes me use these far more than my Apple ones. I read the reviews and the two major issues people complain about are battery life and sound quality. I mow my lawn and it takes about 1.25 hours and I have absolutely no issues whatsoever using them well beyond. I’ve used them 2 hours straight with no issue. Sound quality, yes – my Apple ones are better but at what price? The case is bigger than the Apple ones… it doesn’t matter at all to me. I think these are great little ear buds for the money. You can’t go wrong! $25.99 !?!?!?!? You can’t beat it!!!

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Babywombworld Baby Monitor Video Camera System: Wireless LCD Screen Monitoring Set

Babywombworld created a very solid Baby Monitor Video Camera System! This Wireless LCD Screen Monitoring System operates on it’s own connection, not over your wireless network, so the connection is secure. The picture is strong and the connection is very strong – I had absolutely no static or distortion whatsoever anywhere in my house. You can move the camera in any angle: up, down, side to side – it has audio with LED’s so you can see when there’s audio on the remote side. The talk-back option works great as well!!

Setup was easy, simply connect it and it automatically connected camera to remote LCD screen. The kickstand allows you to set it up so you can watch it 24/7. While I don’t have a baby, I use it as a puppy / dog monitoring system!!!! With my great dane, it’s extremely important to keep my eye on her!!!!!

There’s a remote temperature sensor on it, you can change the Voice Activated sensitivity so it turns off when not in use.

This is a fantastic baby monitor!!!!

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Wireless Meat Thermometer Digital Dual Probe Long Transmitter Range Grilling BBQ

NOBODY likes overdone food. With this wireless thermometer, you can choose your protein (beef, fish, chicken, pork, …) and literally monitor it from the other room or inside your house (think: BBQ!) Dual (2) probes and timer function!

Take (4) AAA batteries, insert them into both the transmitter and base unit. It has multiple channels so you can avoid interference from other devices. Attach one or both of the probes into the base station transmitter and you’re ready to go. On the receiver, you can use the MEAT button to set the type of protein you’re cooking. Use the TASTE button to determine the level of doneness you want (rare, medium, etc.) You can even use the timer function if you want a more manual experience, or you can put in your own manual protein temperature (let’s say you’re cooking a protein a second time in the oven (like a casserole or bake) Easy to manually set your points on this.

It updates quickly, has a big screen for easy viewing, you can clip it onto your belt or put it on the transmitter stand if you’re using it in more of a wired mode.

It works great! It’s the perfect accessory for BBQ ‘ing, grilling, roasting, baking, etc.

This is one fantastic kitchen tool!!!

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Best smallest high capacity battery pack wireless charger

Bottom line: This product is the swiss army knife of battery packs.  It is a high capacity small form factor battery pack that allows 3 devices to charge at the same time, and it supports wireless charging. Even for an iPhone.  All for a steal of a price.  Let’s get into the details:

I was an early adopter of the Apple iPhone X and was so excited about its wireless charging capabilities. And I am a heavy user of my smartphone so the battery goes down quickly every day. I have many battery packs of various sizes from small and low capacity to large and high capacity and everywhere in between. But none of them are as as small and powerful as this one – and WITH WIRELESS CHARGING!! I can’t even tell you how amazing this is.  It is. Period.

First of all, I have some stand alone wireless chargers that I bought when I had a wireless charging case for my iPhone 7. They don’t work with the iPhone X!!! Why? I haven’t a clue. Even my GM Factory Wireless Charging in my SUV doesn’t even charge my iPhone X…. very disappointing. Before I bought this Qi Wireless Charger Battery Pack I would bring one of my standard packs around with me and with the cables, it’s just annoying — but it’s necessary, right? Well this battery pack is the best! Just lay your Qi device on top of it, and it wirelessly charges!!! It’s truly amazing. There’s an on/off button so when you’re not using it, the power doesn’t slowly dissipate out. It’s very high capacity for it’s size and charges my phone multiple times with ease before needing to be recharged.

It says it supports fast charging QC3.0 but I don’t have any devices that support that so i’m out of luck there. It has USB Type C ports so it supports the new standard that devices are coming out with!!! A device that’s future proofed! YAY! It has a great 4 LED power indicators so you know where your battery is at and a full 2A of output power. (1A for wireless as that’s the max power for that technology) You can charge 3 devices at once and even has a pull out stand for your phone.

And ALL THIS at a price under $26?!?!? CVIDA has outdone themselves with this device. I could NOT recommend this wireless charger battery pack more!!  Perfect for kids and their iPads / tablets (kids love to play games and watch shows on their devices!!) – great for trips and vacations.  Everyone needs one of these!!!

If you’re reading this…. just buy it. You will NOT be sorry.

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Kasda AC1200 Dual Band Gigabit Wireless Router Review

Here’s the review of the Kasda AC1200 Dual Band Gigabit Wireless Router.  For under $64 on Amazon, I figured I’d give it a try – it’s a strong contender in the wireless router space and very reasonably priced.  Let’s get to the details.

First, it has a USB3.0 port so you can connect an external hard drive and use it as shared storage.  It has 4 10/100/1000Mbps LAN ports and of course your WAN port so that’s pretty standard.  The LAN ports perform as any other good switch does.  Under the hood it has a high performance 800MHz Dual Core processor so throughput is very good.

The setup … well, that wasn’t perfect.  First of all, I was trying to set it up without a WAN connection which I’ve been able to do on any other router.  My service provider gives me static addresses so I should be able to input it into the router — basically set it up BEFORE i deploy it — and connect it to the WAN and it should work.  Well, this Kasda router did not like that.  It wouldn’t save the static IP address settings and it kept defaulting back to DHCP.  I connected it to the WAN port, did the exact same setup, and it worked.  So this is clearly a design flaw.  Also, since I wasn’t connected to the internet, i couldn’t use their “” URL to setup the router.  Why they didn’t include the default IP address in the manual is beyond me. I know how to find the default IP address of the router, but someone else might not.  The default IP address of the Kasda AC1200 Router is  You’re welcome.  Otherwise, the setup went smoothly.  First time through you set an admin password / login password.  This does not come with a default admin password, just so you know.



I did a speed test and compared it with my Netgear N600 WNDR3700  which I thought was a pretty good performer.  Compared to the Kasda AC1200 Wireless Router, the Netgear router isn’t nearly as fast.

2.4Ghz Speedtest: 40.39Mbps DOWN / 52.66Mbps UP

5Ghz Speedtest: 80.5Mbps DOWN / 83.73Mbps UP

Netgear 2.4Ghz: 11.88Mbps DOWN / 10.40Mbps UP

Huge difference!  I honestly thought my Netgear was fast.  Not in comparison by any means.  This was on an 80MB Verizon FiOS circuit.

And the “advanced” button at the top gives expert/power users the ability to really configure their router.  Firewall rules, IP routing, logs, even graphs!  That’s something my Netgear and Linksys routers don’t have!  It’s a nice unix router, especially for the price.

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Riwbox wireless headphones xbt-80

If you’re looking for a little piece and quiet, check out these bluetooth wireless headphones from RiwBox. They’re under $26 and pack a little punch for the money.   They’re decent sounding for the price and are much better than earbuds. They fit on your head nicely and aren’t uncomfortable in any way.  I used them for hours with very little ear fatigue at all.  The sound isn’t as crystal clear as my Bose $99 headphones but they’re also a fraction of the price.  Can’t go wrong there.  They make a perfect addition to movie watching and I wouldn’t feel bad about giving them to a child to use (i mean ruin!) as they’re inexpensive for sure.  They were surprisingly decent for the money and I would definitely recommend them to anyone who wants to listen to music and hates earbuds (like me… i despise those little things!)

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They come in 3 different colors so pick the one that works for you best.  Not a bad pair for the money!