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Bluetooth FM Transmitter Vehicle Adapter

This is a fantastic Bluetooth FM Transmitter that works great! My older pickup truck doesn’t have an audio jack to connect to and it certainly doesn’t have bluetooth capabilities. For these older vehicles, you need something like this Bluetooth FM Transmitter adapter to interface between your iphone (or android smart phone) and the FM radio that’s in your vehicle already.

I used my iPhone 7 and setup literally could not have been easier. Straight forward simple and easy. Turning on the FM transmitter was essentially plugging it in. My phone found it instantly and I clicked on the device and it paired instantly. Next I adjusted the FM station to a clean one (one where there was no signal) and the static from the FM radio became quiet – which meant it was transmitting. Then I played an audio file and it started to play on the radio. CRYSTAL CLEAR. It actually sounded better than some of the radio stations in my area. I didn’t have to change the frequency once as I drove around for 35-40 miles using it. All the while it was clear and sounded great.

I highly recommend this for anyone who has an older vehicle that doesn’t have bluetooth capability!

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