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Riwbox wireless headphones xbt-80

If you’re looking for a little piece and quiet, check out these bluetooth wireless headphones from RiwBox. They’re under $26 and pack a little punch for the money.   They’re decent sounding for the price and are much better than earbuds. They fit on your head nicely and aren’t uncomfortable in any way.  I used them for hours with very little ear fatigue at all.  The sound isn’t as crystal clear as my Bose $99 headphones but they’re also a fraction of the price.  Can’t go wrong there.  They make a perfect addition to movie watching and I wouldn’t feel bad about giving them to a child to use (i mean ruin!) as they’re inexpensive for sure.  They were surprisingly decent for the money and I would definitely recommend them to anyone who wants to listen to music and hates earbuds (like me… i despise those little things!)

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They come in 3 different colors so pick the one that works for you best.  Not a bad pair for the money!