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Cinema Light Box Speech Bubble USB Powered Light-Up Sign

How cool is this #cinemalightbox SPEECH BUBBLE from #frux !??!?! Comes with 3 markers (dry erase style, so any will work) and the caps double as erasers! I found that paper towels work just as good, if not a little better.

The light up board is plenty big, large enough to make elaborate sayings or drawings.  It comes with a USB cord (that’s very long by the way) and has a standard USB end on it so you can connect to any common low output AC adapter.  I even used a battery pack and it worked great!  You can use batteries too if you wish, so you can mount it on the wall.

It’s very adorable and fun.  Comes with stencils in case you want to make fun sign letters that way!

Check it out on Amazon.com