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Magnetic Bottle Opener for Fridge or Wall Mounting

Sometimes in bars, space is a premium – especially if you’re in your home bar or man cave. I know when I built the clubhouse, I wanted everything to be precise and perfect so as to maximize the inside space. Nothing unnecessary was to go into the clubhouse! I found this magnetic bottle opener which I bought to magnetically mount on the side of the small fridge – hoping that the magnet was strong enough to hold it in place. It absolutely is! It mounted perfectly without screws. No scratching of the surface either. Yes, you COULD mount it if you wanted to on the wall using screws, but the fridge mount was perfect for me. I put it on and then started opening bottles of my favorite beverage… beer… root beer… anything without a twist off top. And it’s made of oak wood that’s very beautiful – it looks amazing there. The bottle caps stick to the magnetic surface so it’s like it has a catcher for the caps! I love this addition to the man cave clubhouse!!  Trust me, there will be no more rummaging through cabinets or drawers to find a bottle opener.  With this, it’s right there on the side of your fridge (where your adult beverage is anyhow!) and ready to use at all times.  Love this product!!!

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