Cooldragon miners – LEGIT or SCAM Review of crypto seller on Newegg

Goldshell KD BOX Miner

TL;dr Cooldragon is a SCAM.  Not legit.  If you buy a crypto miner from them, do not expect to get the miner at the price you thought you were paying.  This is textbook scam operation.  They publish one price and then once you’ve purchased and go to pay, the price will not be the same.  They are unethical and rude.  You will not get what you thought you were buying purchase.

Do *NOT* do business with Cooldragon (Shenzhen Cooldragon Technology Co., Ltd.) for Goldshell Miners (or any crypto miners for that matter!)  They have products on Newegg and on their own website.  I believe they also promote (shill) on social media as well.  They are scalpers and scammers with unethical business practices.

First of all, when you go to Cooldragon’s website it’s not even secure:

Cooldragon’s website certificate is not even for their own site which is highly suspect:

You proceed to their website and you get:


The website has expired
If you have any questions, please contact:

 9358972 (click here to contact)


If you are a website administrator, please click below to renew now

Well if that isn’t a red flag, nothing is!! Ok, on to my story:

I just purchased a KD-BOX Kadena Miner from Cooldragon directly on their website yesterday.  They immediately sent a confirmation email and then payment instructions — but the instructions were in Chinese — despite the invoice being in English.  Ok, whatever.

I used google translate on the payment instructions it read:

Bank Transfer Instructions, Transfer Bank: Bank account number of Chengdu Pearl River Road Branch of Bank of China

How does this give me any information on how to get Cooldragon my money?  There was a WhatsApp support number so I messaged them first asking about the length of time for shipping before I sent payment.  I wanted to ensure this was actually in-stock even though their website said it was.  They said that they had to check because prices have gone up.  I asked “shipping prices?”  They finally came back and said that the price was $4500 more than I had purchased.  When I told them the price on their website, they said the product is not in stock.  How shady is that?  They asked me if I sent payment and I told them that their instructions were in Chinese!  They said “then you didn’t purchase it and it’s not in stock.”   So wait… if I had figured out a way to send the money, the product would be in stock?  HA.  They wouldn’t provide the payment instructions in English so I could even try and send the original amount.  And who would actually send money to a company like Cooldragon that sends you an invoice and then suddenly it’s more than twice as expensive.

I continued to try and reason with them – even asking them to be REASONABLE and come to some agreement.  They told me that I should work hard and pay their high price.  Excuse me?   Shady business practices AND you’re going to insult me?

And now their response is “you didn’t paid the money.  You say you bought?  Don’t talk with me anymore”.

Yes, Mr. Ken Kong.  I will not talk with you anymore.  But I will certainly let the miner community know what a shady businessman you are and tell my story.

They will not honor their price and attempt to extort more money from you.  If you do not pay their prices, they will tell you their miners are not in stock.  They are rude and when you call them out on their shady business practices, they will tell you to never talk to them again.   AVOID COOLDRAGON AT ALL COSTS.