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Waterproof drop dirt proof iPhone case

I’ve owned Lifeproof cases for years.  They’re great.  But expensive.  I’ve searched for Lifeproof alternatives for waterproof, dirt proof, dust proof, drop proof cases and there’s just no good ones.  The good ones are almost as much as Lifeproof who…

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ZESO Smartphone camera lens kit

This is a decent lens kit – not the best, but certainly good for the hobbyist photographer. The kit comes with the standard tripod, bluetooth shutter control, and smartphone gripping holder that a lot of sets come with. The macro…

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Raynic Raycam X3 Wireless Security Camera

Having a security camera system is like an insurance policy.  You hope you never need it.  But you’d better have a good one!  This Raynic Raycam X3 WiFi Wireless (or wired ethernet) IP Security Camera is one of those GOOD…

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X-bet Ceramic Magnets 50 Count

How do you review magnets?!? Seriously.  Either they work or they don’t.  I’m serious here!  I was selected to receive this 50 count of magnets for free or heavily discounted in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.  Well, let…

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