Rectangle Teak Wood Serving Tray Platter Legal Indonesian

First of all, let me say WOW. I was looking for a wood serving tray, either bamboo or teak wood and wanted something very elegant for presentation mainly of food items. I have a cooking / lifestyle show that I’m trying to launch and I wanted a tray or a board that I could present items on for camera photography. I needed something large enough so that it would consume the background of larger items and be beautiful enough that I could take high resolution images and have it look amazing.  That’s where Glitz Star comes in with their Rectangle Teak Wood Serving Tray Platter.

Now, the listing says it’s square.  It’s not.  It’s rectangle.  It’s a very large rectangle.  See the photo if you don’t believe me!  Its very large and very functional  It’s made of legal Indonesian Wood and bears the SVLK Certification.  If you’re not sure what that is, look it up.  It’s a MUST to use this type of wood.

The grain is rich and gorgeous, the mix of light and dark wood is perfect accent piece for any countertop, kitchen island, or otherwise.  The wood looks so good that you definitely would want to display this and not keep it in a cupboard or hide it and only use it for special occasions.  It’s absolutely perfect.   Not only is it working out perfectly for food photography but it’s also a very functional serving tray.  Easy to wash and clean.  Teak is a very durable wood that will last you for a lifetime!

Don’t take my word for it though, get a Teak Wood Serving Tray for yourself! It’s at a great price too.  I love mine!!!!

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Green Gobbler Cleaning Eraser Magic Clean

I have been a long time user of “Cleaning Erasers” … some say they work like “magic.” Well, i’ve been buying those for a while and at 7.50 for a 4 count, they’re expensive but they do work. I was happy to buy this Green Gobbler Ultimate Eraser 6 packl which seems to be at an even better price. First the product is all-in-one – no need to add anything other than water. Squeeze out and you’re ready to go. I used this on my wall where there was all kinds of scuffs from the couch and it took it off with ease. In fact the wall was even more dirty than I thought – i had to get a paper towel to wipe up the dirty water too! Honestly, these cleaning erasers worked perfect, just like magic!!! They’ll last a super long time (or clean lots of area!) depending…. but can’t beat it for the price!!!

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Lightweight Folding Portable Beach Lounge Chair w Footrest

I wanted a chair that was easy to pack up, take to the beach, take to my friends, store in the shed, pull it out, you know – the basic folding chair. But I also wanted something that was comfortable and different. I looked high and low for something like this.

So I ordered this and I’m a little bit bigger than average, but not by much. The weight limit said 200 pounds so I was a little skeptical but ordered it anyhow. It definitely wasn’t uncomfortable but I can see why other reviewers have said it’s for smaller people or children. Again, I wasn’t uncomfortable in any way. The footrest was a great addition to this. Seriously. Why haven’t more chairs come with them?!?!? I sat in it on and off all day poolside and got a great tan.

What was a little confusing was how the chair actually went into recline mode. Had to fiddle with it for a bit. There are straps that hold the chair together when it’s folded – and to that point it folds up nicely, comes with a pillow, and easy to repack!!! The cup holders are deep and very functional. In fact, I put my suntan lotion bottle in the cup holder and it prevented it from coming out – very deep pouch means no spilled drinks!

The construction looks to be well put together, and I can’t say enough about the footrest. Great job in making this Roraima. I’d definitely recommend it and buy another one!

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Great Car Trunk / SUV Compartment Travel Organizer!

I used to absolutely hate grocery shopping in the Escalade. Not because it’s not big, in fact it’s super huge. But… it has one design flaw. When I put bags of groceries in the back of it, THEY SHIFT AND MOVE AROUND like crazy! No joke, I’ve had so many items fall to the ground and explode or break because of this design flaw. I found this XL Trunk Organizer and I decided to give it a try.

I LOVE this SUV Compartment trunk organizer. It’s huge for starters. But not too big. It has plenty of compartments and you can change the configuration easily – taking out dividers or collapsing what you don’t want. I love the construction, it’s durable and well made. The handles are metal – nothing was cheaped out on this. I love the straps which make it easy to attach to the sides of my back compartment so it doesn’t move at all. I have put plenty of groceries and it’s even held delicate devices like cameras (dSLR’s even!) with sufficient cushion that I felt comfortable driving around with it in the back.

Everything about this car organizer is top notch. I highly recommend it!!

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USB Charging Cable NJSJ 4 in 1 Multiple USB Charge

I bought a 4 in 1 charging cable from NJSJ previously and one of my friends liked it so much that she stole it from me! (ok, more like BORROWED!)

These are absolutely handy little things to have.  And now NJSJ has a 2-pack of them at a great price!  $10.99 on

The way it works is simple.  You plug the standard regular size USB end into whatever power source you want.  Battery pack.  AC outlet.  12 Volt Car Adapter.  Computer.  Whatever!

And then it breaks out to 4 plugs that fit a variety of smartphones, tablets, etc.  8 Pin Lightning (not MFI certified), USB C Cable (the new standard), Micro USB Cable, Mini Cable and USB 2.0.  It’s perfect for a variety of different uses.  Now keep in mind, this isn’t a sync cable… this is only for charging.  It charges fast, up to 2A per cable with current overload protection.  

I tested this against the standard charging cable that came with my iPhone and while the manufacturer of this says it’s not MFI certified (i had to look up what that even meant) it charged my phone about as fast as the original cable.  No noticeable performance degradation.  The real selling point of this charging cable is the ability to have a small form factor with all the different connectors on it.  ESPECIALLY THE NEW USB C CONNECTOR!!! A lot of new devices are supporting USB-C so having a charge cable even before I own a device that will use it — that’s awesome.

Put one of these in your kitchen, bedroom, even in your car.  I’m going to keep one in my gazebo so when guests come over for movie night and they need power – it’ll be readily available.  OH and I forgot to mention – i used a Neff Solar ( Charging Panel in combination with this charging cable.  So not only did it work with AC adapters and battery packs, but it worked off SOLAR POWER TOO!!!!  (this solar charging pad is pretty amazing.  See the Photon5 at  – but that’s another story entirely!

I promise you that you’ll find many uses for this charging cable….  Awesome little cable!

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Cool Projection Keyboard for control of Media PC’s and Players!

Are you looking for the ultimate in cool? How about a laser projection bluetooth ” hologram ” keyboard!?!? Doesn’t get much cooler than that now does it!?

My main motivation for getting this product was the fact that I have a networked home media system that runs Kodi – the popular firestick app – except mine is running on a full blown Home Theater PC (HTPC). Keyboard search entry is absolutely critical for me… who wants to cursor back and forth when they’re trying to search for a video or show? NOBODY that’s who! I also didn’t want to clutter up the tabletop with a keyboard for the occasional time that I want to search for something. This laser projection virtual keyboard is so slick, i mean it really is awesome.

It’s easy to pair, simply turn it on and it’s in discovery mode. It took less than 10 seconds to pair with the home theater PC that’s in my basement. I’d say that was pretty remarkable. And then it’s ready to use. It’s that simple. It’s bright, although on a dark surface you may need a sheet of paper to view it. Not a big deal at all – but just know that in the daylight you may have a little more difficult time seeing the keyboard. At night, it’s perfect. And like i said, I used a simple sheet of any paper to remedy this quickly.

You have to type slower than you type on a regular keyboard – and it takes just a little getting used to but once you get the hang of it – it’s so amazing. You can pair this also with your ipad or tablet, and even your iphone! Trust me, i had a ball playing with it!!!!

This is a great little device, especially for applications like I am using it for where it’s not a full-time use. It just sits there innocently waiting on the coffee table until I need it. It powers up and pairs so quick that it makes people go “wow!” It’s a very cool product for sure. The mouse function works good too – just switch into mouse mode and away you go.

Wow factor = 10. Usability =8 (higher for occasional uses)


– Takes up hardly any space and can be a conversation piece
– Fast boot up/pairing time


– Not as easy to see in the daytime
– May require a piece of paper on darker or textured surfaces
– Cannot type as fast as on a normal keyboard

All around great product. I do recommend this!