Mini Stainless Steel Tongs Set Multipurpose 5 Piece

When I cook, I always run out of kitchen tongs.  Always.  I’m constantly using them to turn, toss, flip, etc. and I won’t use them again until they’re washed if they have raw meat on them.  I’m constantly using forks or other utensils to substitute for tongs because there’s never enough of them in my kitchen.  I was able to purchase this set (in red) for a substantial discount in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.  I have no affiliation whatsoever with this company.  I’m just a guy who likes to cook!

The red set is cute – are they big and sturdy?  No.  But they’re 5 for $10!  I didn’t expect them to be.  But they will probably hold up decently for what they are.  What I love about them is the fact that I can use these initially to turn over raw chicken, pork, beef, and not worry about the larger tongs getting dirty.  The smaller size is perfect for dishing out perfect portions of pasta, tossing salad, tons of uses.  It comes with a tong for just about every cooking action – so you won’t run out again!  Even though they aren’t the most sturdy – I still think they’re a good addition to any kitchen drawer!

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Inexpensive Soft Baby Newborn Swaddle Blanket

Every newborn baby needs a cotton swaddle blanket, period. End of story. Lots of them on the market are soooo expensive. Why? I haven’t a clue. You could easily pay $40, $50 for a 2-pack like this. These blankets are a great value for the money. Why spend extra $$$ when you don’t have to!?!??!?!?

These are very soft and thin – you don’t want to overheat your child!! They’re big and can be used to so much more than swaddling… “Tummy Time!” These are the perfect blanket to do that with. And if you’re giving this as the perfect baby shower gift, there’s one for a girl and a boy – i mean there’s no better gift out there is there than something that’s unisex!?!?!?

Did I mention how SOFT they are!?!? I want some for myself!!! But… they’re made for baby skin. I love the way muslin feels. (why don’t they make more things out of it?!?!?) They’re very cute and affordable – especially at their price!!!??!?! That’s a steal!!! I was able to purchase these swaddle blankets at a significant discount in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. I have no affiliation with the company whatsoever. These are a great value and when I have a child of my own, I definitely will be coming back to buy more of these!!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

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Portable Lightweight Folding Picnic Table

There’s never enough table space when we’re outside BBQ’ing, pool side, out by the fire pit… we’re always looking for places to set drinks down, condiments, hold cooking utensils, etc.  There’s just NEVER enough table space.  I was able to receive one of these folding picnic tables for free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

The table comes in a very nice carrying bag, not heavy at all.  But once you put it together, it’s much more solid than I would have figured.  The poles are sturdy and snaps together easily.  I had this table up in 45 seconds, flat.  And when it’s together, it’s nice and tight – so the table top will hold objects well.  Nothing is flimsy at all.  Solid construction.  And at the pricepoint they’re selling this for, it’s a solid value.  It’s way better than the old folding camping table I had before… i ended up throwing that away once I received this one.  I’m very happy with it!

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Bambini & ME Diaper Bag

Looking for the PERFECT baby shower gift for the expecting couple? Have no idea the sex of the baby but know you want to give them something really nice!!! Or maybe you’re the ones who are expecting and you’re looking for the perfect Diaper Bag. LOOK NO FURTHER than the Bambini & ME diaper bag!! They allowed me to receive one of these free of charge in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. I have no affiliation whatsoever with them and my words are all my own.

The immediate reaction when I received this product and started to look at it is WOW, POCKETS!!!  There’s a TON of them.  Big large pockets hold plenty of baby “stuff” – all the important things that a parent would need to take care of their newborn or infant child.  Inside, the bag opens up to store LOTS of diapers and … well, MORE POCKETS!!! The lining is made of tough durable material and all the stitching looks very heavy – this is a very well made bag.  Mesh pockets too so you can see what’s in there and even holds water bottles to keep mom & dad hydrated too!!!   Comes with a travel diaper changing pad too so you can change your baby on the road!!  Hopefully not while driving!! (just kidding!)

Seriously, this bag is very well made and worth  $50 for sure.  Have seen bags like this go for quite a bit more — so even though they sent this to me for free, my review is based on the price they have this listed for, which is a great value.  I would highly recommend this to any parents with newborns or as a fantastic baby shower gift!!!  Highly recommend!

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CHA! Sriracha Sauce Buffalo Chicken Empanadas Recipe

CHA! by Texas Pete sriracha sauce sponsored me to create a tailgating recipe using their sriracha sauce as an ingredient – not as a condiment.  Typically when you think of sauces, you think of dipping… I mean I love their hot sauce on a good chicken tender!!  But the challenge was to use it IN a recipe.  So I got to thinking…..

What’s an unusual finger food that you can make easily that would be nice and spicy?!?!

The answer: Buffalo Chicken Empanadas!

Using pie crust sheets from your grocery deli section, I used a ravioli maker to form the circles, bought a rotisserie chicken and mixed it with a good mexican blend shredded cheese (or you can  use any cheese really), and of course the star of the show…. CHA! by Texas Pete sriracha sauce!!!! (I also want to try to make this someday using their ¡Sabor! Mexican-Style Hot Sauce too!!! Truth be told, I haven’t found a Texas Pete Hot Sauce that I haven’t absolutely LOVED!)

Taking the CHA!, cheese, and chicken combination (The 3C’s!) and putting it into the ravioli pressed crust, fold it over to seal it and use your fork (and hands) to close them up.  Don’t overfill or the filling will just come out when you pan fry it.  Drop it in hot oil and in a couple minutes, you have one delicious tailgate appetizer!!  Just drain them on oil after you take them out of the hot oil, and you can serve with blue cheese and/or ranch on the side.  It’s optional, but a good host should.

With these Buffalo Chicken Empanadas, you’ll be ready to:


Spanish Hola Hip Trendy Tee Shirt Tshirt Hello Mexican

I love hip trendy tshirts with funny sayings.  I also have lots of friends down in Mexico and that speak spanish around the world!!  I had an opportunity to receive one of these Hipster crewneck tee shirts for free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

The shirt is soft, made of very lightweight material – i mean not too thin that it feels cheap, but it’s lightweight because it is black and it would be really hot if it wasn’t.  The shirt ran just a TOUCH small, but I don’t know if I’d buy a whole size up… use your discretion but it’s a LITTLE small.  Not much.  It fits well, looks very stylish and trendy.  The writing is very cool, love the way it says “Hola” – which all of us know is HELLO in spanish!

Love the shirt!!! Can’t wait to go back to Cancun so I can wear it 🙂

My words are my own and I have absolutely no affiliation with the company or brand at all.  I do love the shirt.  And at $25, it’s a good shirt for the money.

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