Cabinets To Go Syracuse NY Review Kitchen Bath Wood Cabinet

I was looking for new kitchen cabinets in the Syracuse NY area and I was having a difficult time finding anything modern.  Everything was so traditional looking.  I kept looking and finally ended up at Cabinets To Go in Syracuse and I’m so very happy I did.  Cabinets To Go sells Kitchen and Bath Wood Cabinets, flooring, vanities, and more.

Here’s my review:

I had the best most favorable experience with Cabinets To Go in Syracuse. The entire staff was professional and both courteous as well as patient with me as we went through all the different cabinet options, accessories, designs, etc. Ryan my salesperson was incredible throughout the process and I would absolutely go back and do business with him again.

The cabinets I ordered came in very quick and they were very accommodating in terms of letting them stay there in their warehouse until my hardwoods were done and I could pick them up. Upon unboxing them, I found that these particular modern cabinets were a bit complicated (they’re not all like that I assure you) and I needed help in getting them assembled. I called for help and the manager George dropped what he was doing midday and came out to my house to assist. In the end, he ended up taking his own free time after work to help me assemble the cabinets – you have no idea how amazing that was.

I now have great cabinets at a fantastic price. I could not recommend Cabinets To Go more!!!! Great company that stands behind their product.


LED Under Cabinet Lighting Kit

Having a bright kitchen prep countertop is critical when you’re cooking.  I never seem to have enough light.  I was able to purchase this LED Under Cabinet 12v Lighting Kit at a discount which has absolutely no effect whatsoever on this review.  I was looking for something easy to mount and bright with LED lights.  This is the perfect solution for me!!

First, the lights are nice and white, not yellow at all.  Each of the 3 lights plugs in with a long enough cord to reach where you want them mounted.  And to mount, just unscrew the front lens and you will see the mounting holes that you can simply screw into the bottom side of your cabinet.  Screw the lens back in and you’re good to go!  It took all of about 5 minutes to get this in and it certainly lights up my work space nicely!

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InnoGear Motion Sensor Closet 2 Pack LED Lights Stick On Magnetic

So, first of all – how this product is worded – you would think it would work as an under cabinet tap light.  Let me be clear, there is no tap function whatsoever.  It may resemble the type of tap lights you may see in a hardware store – but there is no tap function at all.

And the motion sensor – well this only works when the lights are out and it’s dark enough to trigger the motion.  So my question to InnoGear is very simple – how can we use this as effective under cabinet lighting when typically you’ll have some other light in the kitchen on and just require additional light.  I think the company has a good solid product, just how they’re marketing it makes no sense.

I did receive this for free in exchange for an unbiased and honest review.  I have no affiliation with the company and here’s the rest of my thoughts on this product.

The way this product works best is in an armoire, closet, pantry, or other place where you really don’t have good ambient light.  This is where the product excels. Using it as a closet or cupboard light is perfect because you can stick this to the underside of a surface (like a shelf or top of cabinet) and as soon as the door is opened the light turns on.  It’s a nice bright warm light that is easy to see with.  Now for this purpose the light works great.  But certainly there’s no tap light as the amazon listing says there is.  I strongly recommend they look at changing this product’s nomenclature to reflect exactly what this product is and is not.   It requires 4 AAA batteries, which aren’t included.  Pretty standard for lights like this.

This product comes with one-sided tape on one side and magnetic bar on the other.  Ingenious.  If you want to make it a magnet light, tear off the protective film from the double sided tape and stick it to the light.  Instant magnetic light.  If you’d prefer to use this as a stick on light, just tear off the protective film from the double sided tape and stick it to the surface of your choosing.  The magnet holds the light in place and if you need to take it down, the mounting for it stays on the surface.  Now that part of this light I like a lot.  It’s stylish, looks great in any decor. Very modern looking. They’re good work lights so you can see what you’re doing but was very confusing when I first read this listing.  I truly thought I was getting a 2 pack of lights I could tap on at any point.  You cannot.  And that’s actually a huge disadvantage of this design.  If they can improve it by allowing the user to turn on the lights at any point — 5 STARS ALL THE WAY.  Right now, I have to say it’s a 4 STAR light if you’re only looking for a motion activated light for your closet, pantry, cupboard, etc…

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NewAir Water Dispenser WAT30B with WAT10W Attachment Review

I’ve always wanted a water dispenser.  I’ve never had one at work.  I’ve just always wanted one.  Not for socialization in the “hey let’s all stand around the water cooler and chit-chat” but the idea has always been in my head.  As I’m shopping in the hardware box stores, I’ve often seen them in the appliance section but I’ve never actually pulled the trigger and purchased one.  I had an opportunity to receive one from NewAir for free in exchange for thoroughly testing it out and providing an unbiased and 100% honest review.  I absolutely could – and wanted to – do that!

They sent me the WAT30B and WAT10W and it arrived very quickly.  The packaging was perfect.  Everything was held securely in place with zero damage whatsoever.  Unpackaging it was a breeze and now it was time to get it installed.

I waited the two hours it said to let the refrigerant settle after I placed it into position – the only real spot was next to the dog’s food dish – so I apologize in advance for the placement…. It’s not as if I really had thought this through before getting this!  But in fact, I think it works there.  It’s convenient and that’s one thing I will tell you up front… If you put this water dispenser somewhere where it’s somewhat out-in-the-open – you’re much more likely to use it.  And that’s one of the main drivers I was looking for – to have myself and my family drink more water.  Having it right in the breakfast nook has helped increase my intake of water probably by five times.  Every time I go past it, I pretty much fill my cup.  But let’s get back to the install.

The WAT10W is the attachment that goes on top that eliminates the need for buying big water bottles.  This is a great invention!!! I didn’t realize at first that they were sending this so when it came I was very surprised.   Initially I had no idea how to get the WAT10W installed on top – it took some head scratching before I figured out that you need to take the black ring off the top for it to go on there.  Once I figured that out, everything was smooth sailing.

There’s on/off controls for both the HOT and COLD section of the dispenser which is EXTREMELY helpful.  I thought I was going to have to pay the electric bill for the heater to just be on all the time – this is a pleasant surprise that I can keep the hot off and only turn it in a few minutes before I want to make tea, instant coffee (or pour-over coffee), hot chocolate, etc.

There’s dispenser buttons for HOT, WARM/ROOM TEMP, and COLD.  For HOT or ROOM TEMP you need the heater on… I thought maybe room temp might come on without the heater, but no.  That was a little confusing but no big deal.  I only really want HOT or COLD anyhow.  Room temp isn’t for me – but if you’re into that, just know you’ll have to have both sections on for that.  It’s so easy to use!!!

The HOT CONTROL was a huge concern for us having a four year old boy in the house.  Did –NOT- want to risk him getting into it and accidentally (or on purpose!!!) turning on the hot water and getting hurt!  Luckily, NewAir thought of that and has a very solid child safety lock on it.  It really works well keeping little fingers from making a big OOPS.

Once we filled the water into the top reservoir – it started to come out of the bottom of the filter into the dispenser mechanism and ready to be cooled and dispensed.  It was pretty quick and didn’t take long for it to cool right down.  I do find that if you dispense a LOT of water at once, the compressor kicks on to try and keep it cool and it will warm up some as it can’t keep up with the dispensing rate – but that’s just physics.  Under normal operating conditions, I cannot come close to exhausting the amount of water needed to get it up to a temperature that I wouldn’t still consider it “COLD WATER”.  (I tried filling up the dog’s water dish with it and it was only using a ton of water that I even noticed that by the time it was done, it was a little warmer!)

There’s a drip tray underneath that honestly I don’t think has caught any water at all!  When you stop pushing the dispenser button – it stops.  Period.  No lingering drips.  And underneath…. That’s my favorite! (besides having filtered pure clean cold water that is..)  There’s storage!  Enough for chocolate milk and juice boxes so we don’t have to take up space on the butcher block cart!! YES!!! This is awesome.  I wish NewAir could figure out a way to make it a refrigerator compartment – but that’s a suggestion – not a complaint of the unit!!

The finish is a beautiful black – looks amazing.  Very sharp and sleek looking for sure!  It is energy star complaint, the compressor isn’t loud at all.  The design is made of BPA free materials so there’s no water contamination from chemicals!

How much more can I say?!?!!?  It’s a great unit at a great price.  Simply put: it works great.  Perfect combination of form and function.

It’s created a habit for me to drink more water.  It looks beautiful in our kitchen’s breakfast nook and is modern and stylish.  I honestly cannot say enough about this unit…. Oh and the taste of the water is simply delicious.

Their website is:

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They are giving away a water dispenser and YOU CAN WIN ONE FOR YOURSELF!  Just go to: and fill out the form.  The contest runs until May 15, 2016 – so enter today!

The product I have is the WAT30B and you can also buy that on Amazon here:

My YouTube video review can be seen here:


Do you and your family a favor and invest in a device that will provide you clean, delicious water and encourage more consumption for better health!