Rotating Electric Power Strip USB Plug

Power Strips often don’t have enough outlets or they’re too close together and it prohibits the AC Adapters from being plugged too closely together.  This Jackyled Rotating Electric Power Strip has a whopping 10 outlets!!!!  Plus 2 USB Ports!! This provides quite a bit of flexibility and you certainly have more than you need for just about any application.  Plus you can keep your phone charged while you do your work!

It has individual on/off power switches that will turn off power to outlets you don’t use (which is a great feature!!). This supposedly results in cost (and power in general) savings making it a very green choice! The strip also has lights that show when it’s on or not.  

For ease of storage, the power cord hides inside nicely. Just rotates the vertical strip to reel the cord back up inside.  It’s really a great design. Why hasn’t this been thought of before? I’d love to know.

With 3000W of power – this power strip provides more than adequate power for whatever you’re doing.  Can be used in the garage, office, or even put in a drawer and taken out wherever you need this in the house. Jackyled did a great job with this power strip!  Unique design but very practical!!!!

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