I have been a long time user of “Cleaning Erasers” … some say they work like “magic.” Well, i’ve been buying those for a while and at 7.50 for a 4 count, they’re expensive but they do work. I was happy to buy this Green Gobbler Ultimate Eraser 6 packl which seems to be at an even better price. First the product is all-in-one – no need to add anything other than water. Squeeze out and you’re ready to go. I used this on my wall where there was all kinds of scuffs from the couch and it took it off with ease. In fact the wall was even more dirty than I thought – i had to get a paper towel to wipe up the dirty water too! Honestly, these cleaning erasers worked perfect, just like magic!!! They’ll last a super long time (or clean lots of area!) depending…. but can’t beat it for the price!!!

See it on the Green Gobbler Website