My motherboard USB ports have been slowly dying.. and I’m not sure why. Out of the 8 ports I originally started with, I have 3 left. And as I get more and more USB devices, it becomes that much more frustrating to not have an open port. I’m CONSTANTLY swapping USB cables. It’s a huge pain, but when your computer loses it’s USB ports to damage, you have no choice. Well, actually you do!! I found this QICENT Powered USB 3.0 7 Port Hub to be exactly what I needed. First of all, the device is well put together – the base is nice and weighted heavy so it doesn’t tip over. The base snaps in a very sturdy locking manner. Comes with a USB connection cable – just connect it to your computer and you’re ready to go! I was a little confused at first because there’s no lights on it – I hit the power button and expected to see a light turn on. It didn’t. I didn’t know it was on until I connected my iPhone X and it came right up. My PC started asking me to import my photos – so I did – and it transferred perfect and fast. It has plenty of USB ports, too. 7 ports total which gives me plenty of flexibility – 4 in the front, 3 in the back. And it’s USB3.0 – even though I don’t have a USB3.0 card in my computer, I’m future proofed!!

I am absolutely 100% pleased with this USB HUB!!!! Couldn’t be more perfect.. and it’s at a decent price as well. No complaints!

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