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One & Done Food Seasoning Mix

Looking for a salt & pepper replacement? Like a multi all purpose spice? Do you crave something that’s “different” – that will explode your taste buds without too much pepper and without any strange flavors? I mean, let’s face it……


Free Standing Paper Towel Holder

I normally don’t take the time to review Paper Towel Holders… 🙂  But here’s the deal – I have an outdoor bar and the paper towel holder that attached to the bar allows the paper to unroll.  There’s nothing worse…

General, Home, Reviews

Virokleen Glass Cleaning Cloth

I hate cleaning windows. I hate cleaning mirrors. I hate cleaning, there… I said it! And what’s worse is that I never seem to have glass cleaner in my bathrooms and somehow those mirrors get SO DIRTY – I’m not…

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