Prank Birthday Card Annoying Non-Stop Gag Gift

I wanted this #jestergreeting for my best friend who loves to be a little “funny” in his own way.  He comes up with the most annoying cards for my birthday, Christmas, basically any chance he can. I wanted a prank birthday…

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Inexpensive Soft Baby Newborn Swaddle Blanket

Every newborn baby needs a cotton swaddle blanket, period. End of story. Lots of them on the market are soooo expensive. Why? I haven’t a clue. You could easily pay $40, $50 for a 2-pack like this. These blankets are…

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Portable Lightweight Folding Picnic Table

There’s never enough table space when we’re outside BBQ’ing, pool side, out by the fire pit… we’re always looking for places to set drinks down, condiments, hold cooking utensils, etc.  There’s just NEVER enough table space.  I was able to…

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