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X-bet Ceramic Magnets 50 Count

How do you review magnets?!? Seriously.  Either they work or they don’t.  I’m serious here!  I was selected to receive this 50 count of magnets for free or heavily discounted in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.  Well, let…

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Waterproof Velcro Camera Protective Wrap

A very interesting way to protect your camera.. a camera wrap that’s basically a waterproof blanket that velcros around your dSLR, mirrorless, or other prized camera.  I just bought a new Fuji Mirrorless and was selected to receive one of…

Reviews, Technology

IPhone 6 6S Case by Tweets Tech

Tweets Tech To The Rescue!!! I have a wireless charging iPhone case that broke… it was my favorite case too. It was slim, offered a great deal of protection, and it charged my phone perfectly. I was really disappointed to…

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