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IPhone 6 6S Case by Tweets Tech

Tweets Tech To The Rescue!!! I have a wireless charging iPhone case that broke… it was my favorite case too. It was slim, offered a great deal of protection, and it charged my phone perfectly. I was really disappointed to see it stop working. I went out to look at the typical $10-20 cases in the mall (no way am i spending $50 or more on a case!!!!!) and was disappointed in all of them.

I applied to receive one of these Tweets Tech cases for free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. I was approved and I have no affiliation with them – so here it is, plain and simple.

Let me first say up front that I ordered the wrong case originally. I ordered the 6S Plus case instead of the 6S Regular. Tweets Tech was amazing!!!! They offered to send me a new 6S Regular case free of charge!!!!! AWESOME CUSTOMER SERVICE RIGHT THERE.

But let’s talk about the case…. it’s the best non-charging case ever. (I love my charging case — but what I did with this case makes it even better — keep reading!!) Seriously. It goes on and fits great without being bulky. I guess you could say it’s thin – but i don’t want you to think thin is a bad word here… it’s not. Maybe slim is the word to use. Basically, it just doesn’t add bulk. And it’s so inexpensive for a case!!!!

I could not have asked for a better case. I ended up buying a charging receiver for the case and it fits right underneath the case and the cable that attaches to the outside of the connector works perfectly! I mean, I honestly love, love, love this case. It looks fantastic too. The silver is bright and shiny. There’s no issues with the ports not being large enough — it doesn’t add a ton of weight or anything. Simply put: this Tweets Tech case is 100% what I was looking for in a case!!! Even though I got this case free, I would GLADLY pay full price and even double that for this. It’s that good!!!

I gave the 6S PLUS case to a friend of mine and they absolutely LOVE IT TOO!!!! In fact, his wife put her phone in it and isn’t even letting my buddy use it — she loves it that much.

I guess that’s a testimonial in and of itself. Bottom line…. this is a fantastic case at a great price. Highly recommend!

Check out their listing on

In case anyone is interested in what the wireless charging looks like….


Which then you can charge like this:

The Tweets Tech Case can be found on

And if anyone is interested in checking out the Wireless Receiver, look at their listing on as well.

Highly recommend BOTH of these products…. TOGETHER!!!