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Jestik Dual Monitor Mount Arm Clamp Bolt Through

Having two monitors is awesome.  Let’s face it, one monitor is so old school.  Being able to have your email up and surf the web in another monitor and oh wait, you have to pull up a file, and it’s all in front of you without having to minimize windows… it’s SO nice.

I have two 27″ monitors and my desk looks very cluttered.  The bases just make the desk look very small and i am constantly shuffling papers around the base of the monitor.  I’ve always wanted a VESA dual monitor mount arm stand but just never got around to buying one.  I had an opportunity to receive one of these for free or heavily discounted in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.  I’ve used these monitor arms at the radio station I worked at – dual monitors in a radio station environment is also very critical so I have had lots of experience with these types of mounts.  So I’m very qualified to give you the good and bad about the Jestik Dual Monitor Mount System!

Upon unboxing, it’s overwhelming.  It looked like a whole bunch of equipment.  But after getting the pieces out, you quickly realize there’s only 5 real pieces.  The base itself, 2 arms, and the 2 mounts that go onto each monitor.  Not overwhelming once you get the pieces out.

The most important piece of this installation is GETTING THE MOUNT ONTO YOUR DESK.  Let me stop and let this sink in.  THE MOUNT ONTO YOUR DESK IS MOST IMPORTANT!!!!  The clamp it came with didn’t work for my desk.  It wasn’t working, so I had to change it out which was a pain.  But if you don’t get it onto your desk properly, you will have problems.  period.  Attach the arms to the mount, then screw the vesa style mounts to your monitor and you’re ready to go.  It didn’t take THAT long — maybe 15 minutes….

The mount is really nice.  Very heavy duty.  Sturdy construction – built to last.  The arms swing nicely, and are able to be moved up and down to position the monitor where you need it.  It’s a good looking well built dual monitor mounting system!  I’m using this with (2) 27″ monitors…. so I know I’m taxing the limits of this mount….. and it’s working fine for me!!!

I highly recommend this dual monitor mount from Jestik!!

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