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Cooling Beverage Dispenser for Beer Liquor

Have you ever been to a restaurant where they brought your beer over in a really cool beverage dispenser like this?!?  Yeah, it’s pretty awesome.  I’ve always wanted one but a.) i had no idea where to get one and b.) I thought they were really expensive.  But mainly A.  And then all of  a sudden I had an opportunity to receive one of these beverage dispensers in exchange for my 100% unbiased and honest review.  I couldn’t be more perfect for this!!!

Summertime, you think backyard. You think pool. Everything about this beverage dispenser screams SUMMER!!! It’s plastic so you don’t have to worry about intoxicated (well, drunk!) people knocking it over and having shattered glass all over the place. BIG plus. (we have a NO glass policy around the pool anyhow!)  It has a sturdy base that keeps the unit very stable on any surface – including the ground, which is great for being lazy and not wanting to leave the pool while enjoying your favorite adult beverage!  You fill the middle compartment chamber with ice, and that keeps it cool.  Not cold.  It’s not going to give you 35 degree perfectly chilled beer – but then again if you want that, get your lazy butt off out of the pool and go get a cold one from the fridge.  I guess this is my only real “complaint” if I had one.  It does keep it reasonably cold, all kidding aside.  Carbonation does come out of the beer so take caution when pouring and do it SLOWLY and against the side (pouring at an angle).  This actually would work perfect for sangria, wine, or a whole big batch of Adult Arnold Palmers.  As I write this review more and more ideas keep coming to me!

Of course you could fill it with kool-aid or fruit punch type beverages for the kids, too.  Don’t think that just because I like my adult drinks that it’s only purpose in life is for the “big kids”.   It’s also pretty great for the little kids, too!!!  This beverage dispenser is a HUGE hit for parties, get togethers, bbq’s, or any backyard fun!

Bottom line is this is a well built dispenser, keeps drinks reasonably cold, reasonably carbonated, and VERY easy to pour.  The WOW factor is a 10 out of 10!!!!!

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