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Marky Products All Natural Bamboo Wood Cutting Board

Marky Products has an all natural Bamboo Wood Cutting Board that’s a pretty good addition to anyone’s kitchen. It’s a fantastic price, although they did send me one of these free. It’s a $19.95 value but I haven’t found another cutting board at that price point that looks better or that has a deeper drip groove around the outside … which is perfect for meats to capture the juice when you’re taking a nice steak (filet for me please!) off the grill and letting it rest. Which is the key to any good steak. (any meat really!)

It’s professional and lightweight, premium grade, and it looks beautiful. Really rich colors and grain. It comes with a plastic scraper, too so you don’t dull your knife when transferring chopped items to a pan or bowl. (NEVER USE YOUR KNIFE EDGE TO DO THIS!)

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Highly recommend this cutting board for any amateur cook or professional chef!