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Indoor Outdoor Thermometer Digital Hygrometer Large Display Temperature Monitor

I wanted a remote thermometer weather station so I could remotely monitor the temperature in my clubhouse. I didn’t want an app, but rather a large display monitor that also told me the humidity.  This Indoor / Outdoor Weather Station with Hygrometer is EXACTLY what I was looking for!!

Now first, let me tell you that I bought a cheap thermometer with humidity sensor off amazon about a year ago. I’ve had it in my basement and that way I know if I need to turn up the heat or keep the dehumidifier running longer.  I’ve never known if it was accurate or not.  I took it upstairs and compared it with my thermostat in the house and neither one ever read the same.  My dad (God rest his soul) was an engineer and had a precision pocket thermometer with hygrometer – but I could never get that, the amazon one, and my house’s thermostat to actually agree on a temperature or humidity value.  I literally have been stumped for over a year trying to figure out what the actual temp and humidity levels were in my house.

This product by YOULANDA has solved the mystery!!  Take a look at the product: HERE ON AMAZON.

This unit is VERY accurate as compared to my father’s high tech calibration device so I don’t think you can get much better than that!! Especially for a home unit.  What this also proved to me was that the cheap one I bought at amazon was completely wrong and that my home’s thermostat is off by 2 degrees!  So when I set my home’s heat to 70, i’m really setting it to 72.  That makes a big difference!!!

The remote sensor for this unit is simple and small.  Takes (2) AAA batteries and I’ve had this in for a couple weeks and I took the batteries out and tested them and it looks like it’s very low power consumption.  I have the remote sensor in my clubhouse which is over 150 feet away in an indoor structure and my receiver is near the window but it definitely works through walls!  I was very pleasantly surprised!!


Now the instructions tell you that the base station and the remote sensor have different types of thermometers and humidity sensors – so if you put them side by side, the values won’t always be completely the same.  Which is understandable.  I walked away from it and came back 10 minutes later and the temps were within .2 degrees and the humidity was within 5%.  Not unexpected in any way.  This unit is fantastic!!!

Bottom line: It’s a solid weather station with lots of cool features. The best one for me was letting me know that my home’s thermostat was off by 2 DEGREES!!! It’s very accurate and the range is fantastic.  I cannot comment on if it went outside, but for what I wanted it for it was absolutely perfect!!!! Money well spent!!!

Check it out on Amazon.com