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USB Conference Microphone Review

When you’re on a conference call, using an internal computer / laptop microphone doesn’t work very well.  I’ve tried it many times, and the internal microphone makes it very difficult for the other people to hear you.  This is especially true when using webex or another computer based audio conferencing service.  I was able to test out this conference microphone at a significant discount.  Here’s what I found:

This microphone makes it very easy for the other people to hear you on calls.  It’s very sensitive and is greatly improved – my work team has noticed the difference immediately.  It picks up people speaking in the room without picking up excess noise.  My webex application automatically adjusted the gain on the microphone so that there wasn’t so much ambient noise which I have heard from other colleagues is a big problem for these type of mics.  It’s at a good price and makes a huge difference in call quality!  Pretty good, especially for the price!

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