DrinkPod 1000 Bottleless Countertop Water Cooler Dispenser

DrinkPod 1000 is a bottleless countertop water cooler dispenser that has both UV Sanitization as well as multi-stage filtration. Hot, Ambient, or Cold water is delivered with a push of a button. It’s SO easy to install- everything you need (with the exception of a couple of your own tools) is supplied. Installation took less than 20 minutes start to finish. It’s a GORGEOUS unit!
All touch buttons. Absolutely fantastic!!!!

Here’s what you can expect:

With minimal knowledge, you can have this water cooler setup in minutes.  It does have to attach to your water line, but the way it does it is very non-invasive and the instructions are very straightforward.  In fact, I made a video that outlines the steps:

Make sure you PRIME the unit before you use it by following the directions on the top.  Do *NOT* turn on the cooler or heater switches before you’ve had a chance to press and hold the dispenser buttons to make sure water is flowing through the unit.

Also make sure you PURGE the impurities out of the unit by running at least 10 minutes of water through the filter to remove any debris that may be in the filter as well as allow the filter to “settle”.

The DrinkPod is a gorgeous tabletop / countertop device that makes it very easy to drink healthy pure water whenever you want it. With its sleek design and elegant form factor, it encourages and promotes drinking more water since it’s so easy and available.  With a button push you are dispensing whatever temperature water you want.  There’s an ECO MODE which senses the ambient light and turns the heater and cooler off when the lights are significantly reduced… perfect night mode!

The Drinkpod not only has filters, but also offers UV sanitization as well.  Filtered and Sanitized water at the same push of a button.  And the filters attach so easily, just twist and lock into position.  It will even remind you when it needs to be changed automatically!!

It’s very quiet, easy to use, and looks amazing on top of your countertop.  It’s a great alternative to a big water jug cooler!!  Could not recommend this unit more.

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