Novoo AC Power Bank Review – Portable AC Wall Outlet

Portable battery packs are great when you need USB power on the go… but what about when you need AC 110V power on the go?  A portable AC power outlet? That’s a novel idea!  Novoo is the first portable wall outlet I’ve ever seen!!  In fact, I didn’t even hear of Novoo before now. I see that they’re a very solid company with some very innovative products.  I didn’t see a lot of competition so it was an easy decision to buy this unit. And i’m very impressed with the performance, style, and use of this portable AC power bank.

The size is VERY manageable, it’s not a large form factor at all.  I would hardly consider it bulky or too large.  Let’s face it, batteries take up space.  So it’s actually a little smaller than I had anticipated.  There’s no documentation with this product so I first started by turning it on.  I realized you have to press and hold the power button for a couple seconds to get it to turn on.  Once you know that, there’s not much else you need to know — other than it works great!

It has traditional USB, USB-C and yes, an AC Wall Outlet!  It makes it absolutely perfect to charge all your devices — not just the USB ones.  I tried it out on a recent photo shoot where my digital camera batteries were running low so I plugged in the wall outlet charger.  It charged up the camera batteries efficiently and perfectly.  This AC portable power bank has a ton of uses ranging from power outages, on-the go travel AC power needs, camping, backyard power, and lots of more uses!!  You can bring it with you in your car to power non-USB devices (laptop when off does charge), DVD player, …) and even have it around for an emergency outage – power a lamp or a small fan!  The uses are varied and very convenient!!  It holds the charge for a long while and has enough power reserve to be really useful.

Long story short: This portable AC power bank is a very handy device to have.  It won’t power high resource devices, but it sure comes in handy for travel, car trips, backyard living and more!

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PF Chang’s Home Menu Sauce Sesame Recipe

PF Chang’s New Home Menu Sauce – Sesame Recipe for Mini Kabobs!!!

This is an awesome sauce! Easy to use and SO GOOD!!!

Just stir fry wok (like a hot pan fry) your favorite vegetables and protein (I used chicken with peppers – red and yellow!) and then add the PF Changs Sesame Sauce and simmer for a few minutes to let the sauce go through. Skewer, top with sesame seeds (optional of course) and serve! Be careful, don’t add any salt to this as it has plenty – not TOO MUCH – but you sure don’t want to add any more. If you’re feeling frisky, go ahead and add a little hot sriracha or asian hot garlic to it for an extra kick! SO GOOD!!!!


USB Conference Microphone Review

When you’re on a conference call, using an internal computer / laptop microphone doesn’t work very well.  I’ve tried it many times, and the internal microphone makes it very difficult for the other people to hear you.  This is especially true when using webex or another computer based audio conferencing service.  I was able to test out this conference microphone at a significant discount.  Here’s what I found:

This microphone makes it very easy for the other people to hear you on calls.  It’s very sensitive and is greatly improved – my work team has noticed the difference immediately.  It picks up people speaking in the room without picking up excess noise.  My webex application automatically adjusted the gain on the microphone so that there wasn’t so much ambient noise which I have heard from other colleagues is a big problem for these type of mics.  It’s at a good price and makes a huge difference in call quality!  Pretty good, especially for the price!

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Surviveware Biodegradeable Wet Wipes

I know it might sound crazy, but when I put in an outhouse in my back yard (I feel funny even saying that), I knew there would have to be some products I needed to find that were biodegradable and healthy for the environment.  I started looking up camping products, and these Surviveware Biodegradeable Wet Wipes came up on Amazon.  I thought I would give them a try as I needed something that we could use for personal cleaning that would break down outside.

These are large wet wipes for adults – not your average baby wipe for sure! It removes the yuck from your body nicely and leaves it actually feeling clean.  They don’t mask it with scent – it’s not a perfumed wipe.  If you don’t have a shower handy, these wet wipes are truly the next best thing!!! No rinse necessary!  And what’s even better is that they decompose right where they are.  If you’re out in the wilderness, just bury it but they work just fine for my non flushing outhouse as well.  They’re tough and big, and most importantly they work well and save the environment at the same time.  One wipe works on your whole body!

Great Beginner Indoor Drone For Kids / Children

I bought this drone for my friend’s son for Christmas.  I have an expensive DJI Phantom 4 drone that I really love, but before that I had tried a couple of inexpensive sub $100 drones that were absolutely horrible.  They just did not fly right and were impossible to control.  I did some research as I wanted to find a great beginner indoor drone that was good for kids or children.  I stumbled upon this Tenergy Syma X20 Mini Wireless Quadcopter Remote Control Drone and with so many good reviews, I had to try it.  I was skeptical, I admit … especially for such a low price.  Inexpensive does not mean inferior as I’ve learned from this inexpensive drone.  It’s fantastic!!

First, I was first introduced to the Tenergy name because I bought some of their AA and AAA rechargeable batteries.  Those are absolutely great.  High capacity and relatively inexpensive.  So I was already familiar with the Tenergy name.  The drone arrived quickly and it was packaged very well – almost too well!  That was the most difficult part of everything, unboxing it and getting the drone and remote out of the packaging!

I charged the drone (has an integrated battery with a USB charging port) and installed the batteries in the small, easy to hold remote control.  Pairing was easy, up and down on the compact joystick and it’s paired in less than a couple seconds.  Takeoff was so simple – there’s an automatic takeoff feature where the drone (placed on a flat surface) takes off and hovers.  Now it didn’t completely hold the position as well as my DJI Phantom 4, but it was also $27, not $1400!!!  I flew it around my house and fell in love with it.  It’s quick to learn how to fly the X20 drone — that is once you figure out that the light on the front is the orientation of the drone so when you press forward it goes in that direction.  The controls didn’t take long to get used to and by the end of my first flight, I was getting really good at it.  There’s bumpers on the props so that if you run into the wall (don’t go too fast mind you!) it protects the props from damage… and if you do damage it, there’s extras in the package.  I haven’t explored the stunts it says it can do because it IS supposed to be a Christmas gift!!!!   I almost want to get another one for myself!!!!

In summary, while this isn’t an expensive drone, it’s a really good one for beginners, especially for kids.  And of course it’s fun for all ages because I thoroughly enjoyed flying the drone around my house.  It’s very compact and portable too!  Love the auto take off and auto landing… for the price, you will NOT find a better drone!!!

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Best smallest high capacity battery pack wireless charger

Bottom line: This product is the swiss army knife of battery packs.  It is a high capacity small form factor battery pack that allows 3 devices to charge at the same time, and it supports wireless charging. Even for an iPhone.  All for a steal of a price.  Let’s get into the details:

I was an early adopter of the Apple iPhone X and was so excited about its wireless charging capabilities. And I am a heavy user of my smartphone so the battery goes down quickly every day. I have many battery packs of various sizes from small and low capacity to large and high capacity and everywhere in between. But none of them are as as small and powerful as this one – and WITH WIRELESS CHARGING!! I can’t even tell you how amazing this is.  It is. Period.

First of all, I have some stand alone wireless chargers that I bought when I had a wireless charging case for my iPhone 7. They don’t work with the iPhone X!!! Why? I haven’t a clue. Even my GM Factory Wireless Charging in my SUV doesn’t even charge my iPhone X…. very disappointing. Before I bought this Qi Wireless Charger Battery Pack I would bring one of my standard packs around with me and with the cables, it’s just annoying — but it’s necessary, right? Well this battery pack is the best! Just lay your Qi device on top of it, and it wirelessly charges!!! It’s truly amazing. There’s an on/off button so when you’re not using it, the power doesn’t slowly dissipate out. It’s very high capacity for it’s size and charges my phone multiple times with ease before needing to be recharged.

It says it supports fast charging QC3.0 but I don’t have any devices that support that so i’m out of luck there. It has USB Type C ports so it supports the new standard that devices are coming out with!!! A device that’s future proofed! YAY! It has a great 4 LED power indicators so you know where your battery is at and a full 2A of output power. (1A for wireless as that’s the max power for that technology) You can charge 3 devices at once and even has a pull out stand for your phone.

And ALL THIS at a price under $26?!?!? CVIDA has outdone themselves with this device. I could NOT recommend this wireless charger battery pack more!!  Perfect for kids and their iPads / tablets (kids love to play games and watch shows on their devices!!) – great for trips and vacations.  Everyone needs one of these!!!

If you’re reading this…. just buy it. You will NOT be sorry.

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