Great black and white geometric pillow cover!

I was looking for something different to break up the solid colors of my sofa and accent pillows in a modern funky way.  This pillow cover is a very artsy black and white geometric pattern that really brightens up the room.  It went on perfectly, had enough room for my 18×18 pillow insert, and it didn’t feel like the zipper was going to break when I closed it up!  So many feel cheap when you try and zip them up…. not this one!  It’s durable feeling and not too overly rough.  It makes a great accent pillow cover!

Stylish Cheese Knife Set Wood Cutting Board

I cannot wait to entertain using this stylish cheese knife set with wood cutting board!! Solid construction, cuts beautifully, and the wood grain is fantastic.  Makes a great housewarming or “just because” gift!  They sent me a discounted sample to test out and I absolutely LOVE IT!!! It’s so modern and unique.  Trust me, you will LOVE this. (or whoever you give it to… unless you keep it for yourself!!)

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Stylish Whole Room Bluetooth Speaker

The directions were somewhat vague, but it was easy to figure out how to set up.  Audio was clear – not a lot of real highs or lows, but very good basic sound quality.  EXTREMELY portable.  Decent amount of volume for indoor use.  The orange color is very awesome!!! Looks great!  And AMAZING battery life!

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Sample was sent to test and see how it performed. No review was required or necessary.

InnoGear Motion Sensor Closet 2 Pack LED Lights Stick On Magnetic

So, first of all – how this product is worded – you would think it would work as an under cabinet tap light.  Let me be clear, there is no tap function whatsoever.  It may resemble the type of tap lights you may see in a hardware store – but there is no tap function at all.

And the motion sensor – well this only works when the lights are out and it’s dark enough to trigger the motion.  So my question to InnoGear is very simple – how can we use this as effective under cabinet lighting when typically you’ll have some other light in the kitchen on and just require additional light.  I think the company has a good solid product, just how they’re marketing it makes no sense.

I did receive this for free in exchange for an unbiased and honest review.  I have no affiliation with the company and here’s the rest of my thoughts on this product.

The way this product works best is in an armoire, closet, pantry, or other place where you really don’t have good ambient light.  This is where the product excels. Using it as a closet or cupboard light is perfect because you can stick this to the underside of a surface (like a shelf or top of cabinet) and as soon as the door is opened the light turns on.  It’s a nice bright warm light that is easy to see with.  Now for this purpose the light works great.  But certainly there’s no tap light as the amazon listing says there is.  I strongly recommend they look at changing this product’s nomenclature to reflect exactly what this product is and is not.   It requires 4 AAA batteries, which aren’t included.  Pretty standard for lights like this.

This product comes with one-sided tape on one side and magnetic bar on the other.  Ingenious.  If you want to make it a magnet light, tear off the protective film from the double sided tape and stick it to the light.  Instant magnetic light.  If you’d prefer to use this as a stick on light, just tear off the protective film from the double sided tape and stick it to the surface of your choosing.  The magnet holds the light in place and if you need to take it down, the mounting for it stays on the surface.  Now that part of this light I like a lot.  It’s stylish, looks great in any decor. Very modern looking. They’re good work lights so you can see what you’re doing but was very confusing when I first read this listing.  I truly thought I was getting a 2 pack of lights I could tap on at any point.  You cannot.  And that’s actually a huge disadvantage of this design.  If they can improve it by allowing the user to turn on the lights at any point — 5 STARS ALL THE WAY.  Right now, I have to say it’s a 4 STAR light if you’re only looking for a motion activated light for your closet, pantry, cupboard, etc…

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Spanish Hola Hip Trendy Tee Shirt Tshirt Hello Mexican

I love hip trendy tshirts with funny sayings.  I also have lots of friends down in Mexico and that speak spanish around the world!!  I had an opportunity to receive one of these Hipster crewneck tee shirts for free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

The shirt is soft, made of very lightweight material – i mean not too thin that it feels cheap, but it’s lightweight because it is black and it would be really hot if it wasn’t.  The shirt ran just a TOUCH small, but I don’t know if I’d buy a whole size up… use your discretion but it’s a LITTLE small.  Not much.  It fits well, looks very stylish and trendy.  The writing is very cool, love the way it says “Hola” – which all of us know is HELLO in spanish!

Love the shirt!!! Can’t wait to go back to Cancun so I can wear it 🙂

My words are my own and I have absolutely no affiliation with the company or brand at all.  I do love the shirt.  And at $25, it’s a good shirt for the money.

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