Pretty Darn Good product… and here’s the but – in a house with 4 dogs (and yes, i know that’s not the norm here!) you go through dry cloth refills like crazy. Here’s the full scoop.

The poles connect together easily, and it’s fairly sturdy. Doesn’t feel quite as solid as a regular mop, but it doesn’t feel like it’s going to break on you either. It snaps and locks together in a snap. (pun intended!) The handle is ergonomic and is easy to control. It’s pretty much what I expected, maybe even a little better construction.

The value pack comes with the sweeper and 7 dry cloths and 3 wet cloths. The dry cloths actually do work well but get dust and especially dog hair on them QUICK. So i find that I almost have to use a squeegee type rubber mop first for the big dirt/dust/dog hair and then go over it with the dry pad. I do find that I go through them quite a bit if I don’t … and there’s only so much shaking you can do to it…. i mean you don’t want all that dirt/dust getting back into the air, right? Once you’re done you can use the wet cloth pad to actually clean the floor, but getting it to dust/dirt free in a household of 4 pets plus mom plus kid plus me is a challenge. In our house, it’s a combination of roomba, rubberized squeegee, THEN swiffer dry THEN swiffer wet.

A lot of process? Yeah. But it’s important. And the swiffer does a pretty darn good job. I tried the previous swiffer wets that had a button you press to spray and that just was leaky and ineffective. Plus it didn’t actually go on the pad it went around it and time was spent MOPPING versus this kit which the wet pad is pre-moistened and ready to go.

Overall, 4 STARS out of 5… now if there was a way to get the dog hair off the pad easily or maybe make the base out of a rubber squeegee so that without a pad, you can use it for dog hair and then put on the dry pad and then wet….. Hey, i may have just given Procter and Gamble a million dollar idea!! You’re welcome P&G. Maybe a check (or a lifetime supply of swiffers) will be in the mail!