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Phytopia Tranquility Essential Oil

I love essential oils. I have aromatherapy diffusers in most rooms in the house and absolutely love adding them to foot soaks and baths.  I had an opportunity to purchase this Phytopia Tranquility Essential Oil at a significant discount and…

Health & Beauty, Reviews

Keeva Tea Tree Oil Treatment

If you’re looking for a pure tea tree treatment for itchy skin, scalp, acne – whatever!! Keeva has you covered – it’s strong and effective for your problem skin.  They sent me a sample of their product to try out….

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Knee Compression Sleeves

I hurt my knee a couple months ago pretty bad.. Just smashed it.  Ever since it’s been acting up and hurting pretty bad.  It will feel better for a day but then the day after it’ll be back to really…

Health & Beauty, Reviews

Suavecito Premium Blends Matte Hair Pomade

Ever since Matrix discontinued Dirty Trix, there has not been a styling product for short messy hair. I’ve tried just about everything.  I was able to get this Sauvecito Matte Pomade for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased…

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