CHA! Sriracha Sauce Buffalo Chicken Empanadas Recipe

CHA! by Texas Pete sriracha sauce sponsored me to create a tailgating recipe using their sriracha sauce as an ingredient – not as a condiment.  Typically when you think of sauces, you think of dipping… I mean I love their…

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One & Done Food Seasoning Mix

Looking for a salt & pepper replacement? Like a multi all purpose spice? Do you crave something that’s “different” – that will explode your taste buds without too much pepper and without any strange flavors? I mean, let’s face it……


Recipe for Buffalo Chicken Wing Dip

Tell me this doesn’t look amazing…. This recipe was given to me by Alicia Frette.  Thank you!!!     Here’s what you’ll need: Boneless Skinless Breasts of Chicken 8 oz. Cream Cheese Frank’s Red Hot (to taste) Jar of Jalapeno Peppers (to…

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