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3-in-1 International Trip Travel Plug Adapters

When you travel, you need to understand that you can’t just bring your electronic gear and plug it in.  Voltage is different for starters, but thankfully lots of devices are multi-voltage.  For example, laptops, chargers, etc.  are typically 110-240v which covers you wherever you go.  But plugs, now that’s another story.  Each region is different, and sometimes each country within a region may have different plugs.  That’s where this 3-in-1 International Trip Travel Plug Adapter comes in!

I’ve traveled all over the world and I used to buy adapters for each country / type of power connector.  That’s a pain because now I look at them and go “which country is this for!??!?”  With this, you don’t have to worry.  It covers Europe, Asia, South Pacific, … the list goes on and on.  Now this doesn’t change your voltage — so don’t go plugging in a 110volt curling iron into 240v!!!!  But like i said, most electronics have a wide range of power inputs so READ THE DEVICE BEFORE YOU PLUG IT IN!!!!

For my #brocation trip (#brocation2016 baby!) I will be taking these for sure as I will have to adapt my plugs to work.  It’s so much easier to take a 3-in-1 than to take individual adapters.  They fit together nicely for packing purposes and can hold up to 13AMPS.  That’s a TON of power.  You definitely don’t want to settle for low amp products — you might short something out or worse!  JACKYLED seems to be a good brand, I’ve done a little research on them… quite a bit came up when I searched them on the web, so I feel very confident about plugging in my high-tech gear to a JACKYLED Travel Plug Adapter!!! I definitely recommend these and they’re at a very good price too!  $8 for 2?!?!?  That’s crazy.  I may buy more just to have with me on the brocation!!

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