Phytopia Tranquility Essential Oil

I love essential oils. I have aromatherapy diffusers in most rooms in the house and absolutely love adding them to foot soaks and baths.  I had an opportunity to purchase this Phytopia Tranquility Essential Oil at a significant discount and I wanted to tell you my opinion on it.

First, it smells delicious.  Like a creamsicle.   A perfect blend of orange and vanilla and evokes an immediate relaxing calming.  Comes in a great gift bag and would be the perfect for anyone into aroma oils or relaxing in general!

This product is safe for pregnancy and children, as well as senior citizens.  It says, however, that you should NOT use it if you have low blood pressure.  Maybe it’s just too calming?  Store it in a cool dry place as you would with any oils (it’s in a dark boston style bottle which is goo!)

You can use this as a massage oil, apply it to your shoulders and neck, or add a few drops to your bath or make a bath bomb out of it. (that’s what I’m going to do next!)

It’s really a pretty nice smelling relaxation oil.  As the name implies, tranquility will be yours!

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Essential Oil Aromatherapy Nebulizer

I absolutely LOVE oil diffusers.. I used to love candles, but they are very expensive and dangerous with little ones. Aromatherapy oil diffusers work great, but you have to add water and change it every few days.

This oil NEBULIZER takes it to the next level!! No need to change water, easy to change scents, it has 4 settings – continuous spray, once every 10, 30 or 60 seconds. It’s small and compact – real glass so it doesn’t pick up the scent of the oil. This is NO JOKE. Very professional unit. Well worth the money!!

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MIUCOLOR Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser LED Aroma Ultrasonic Humidifier

I was able to purchase this at a significant discount in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. My words are my own, and I have absolutely no affiliation with the company whatsoever.

There’s tons of choices for aromatherapy essential oil diffusers, just look on amazon and you’ll find hundreds at least! Finding the “right one” is difficult, but I chose this one because it’s black and very different design from the rest.  (Why be the same as everyone else!?)  The black finish is really nice, compliments every decor from the traditional to modern.  You see it even looks great in my friend’s shoe kingdom (he has a lot of sneakers!)

The high/low function on this unit is really nice – some competitors only have on/off but you can leave this run all day at low (or even high) as it has a 300ml tank!  That’s big.

Adding a few drops (5-6) seems to be the magic number and you end up having wonderful fragrant air fill a medium to large sized room.  This pumps out aroma, for sure.  There may not be a ton of mist, but the aroma is there.  The light is warm and soothing, and it’s good that you can turn it off as well.

At it’s price point, it’s not the most expensive, and not the least – it’s the sweet spot, priced right – and the design and color are unique.  That’s this diffuser’s claim to fame!

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Great Essential Oil Gift Set Starter Kit

If you or anyone you know is just getting into Essential Oils or Aromatherapy — this is a MUST HAVE STARTER KIT!!!  A whole box full of therapeutic grade oils… so many, how do you know where to start!?!?

First of all, this was sent to me for free in exchange for an unbiased and honest review.  I have no affiliation with this company and have been doing oil aromatherapy diffusing now for a few months – so that’s my primary purpose for these oils.  Here’s the low-down:

There’s 14 bottles in total, a lot of them are therapy type oils.  By that, I mean spearmint, peppermint, eucalyptus, sage, rosemary and lemongrass – to me they’re useful in helpful ways – versus the others that are in there: orange, lemon, frankincense, and cinnamon which are more for fragrance.  A good variety to start out with and a way to get you introduced to the world of essential oils.

The dark amber bottles protect the oil from one of the harsh enemies…. SUNLIGHT!! Keep them in the box when not in use and you’ll be just fine.  The aroma is fairly strong without being too overbearing.  Wonderfully done and the thickness isn’t too thick or thin – drops out nicely so you can get the right amount.

Comes with a booklet that can tell you all about the uses for the oils – which is handy for sure.

Love this oil set… Very highly recommend for either yourself or as a gift!!!!

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Essential Oil Diffuser and Aromatherapy Diffuser

I absolutely love walking into my house and it smelling wonderful.  The house is fairly large and open with tons of vertical space (big tall ceilings) so the challenge is always having enough scent to fill the air.  When we do Yankee Candles, it takes at least 2 burning for a long time before we start to smell anything… and once they go out, it’s game over for the house smelling nice.  Plus those candles are EXPENSIVE!!!!  And of course with the little guy, it’s not the best idea to have lit candles burning……

I’ve been a fan of aromatherapy oil diffusers for sometime now, and so I had an opportunity to receive this particular one heavily discounted in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.   I felt as if I could give it a really good comparison to what I already have.

First of all, this is the first one that’s ceramic.  Very different than the other plastic ones.  Which also means it’s significantly more expensive than the others, too.  But it also looks like it’s more expensive — so it looks “rich and elegant”.  Not to say the plastic ones looked cheesy, but this one looks even better.  The lights are bright and different than the others that I’ve tried in that it’s powerful – deep rich colors – without being too bright.  It sets the mood nicely.  And the pattern is very cool too!

The base is heavy enough to not have you be concerned with knocking it over.  It’s one of the best aroma oil diffusers I’ve used.  The housing has a top to it so the mist air comes out more “concentrated” – it provides a ton of mist.  Looks very cool when it’s on, it acts like a smokestack 0r chimney.

My only 2 complaints about the unit is that there’s no “PRESS AND HOLD FOR 3 SECONDS AND THE UNIT TURNS OFF” feature.  So you have to cycle through all the different modes (on with light, on without light, light only, etc.) to get to the off position.   Not a big deal.  The only other complaint is the reservoir.  It’s small.  It’s only 125mL I believe so it doesn’t hold as much liquid as I hoped… but the trade-off for the style and power of it makes this a fair balance.  Yes, we have to fill it more often.  But I guess i’d rather have to do that than to have it running all night and maybe overheat!

Very good unit, solid construction, makes the house smell wonderful… just a little expensive.  That’s my opinion — but if I had to pay the full price for this, I would knowing what it can do.  I really love it.  It’s actually one of the best products I’ve had the privilege of reviewing so far!!

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100% Pure Sandalwood Oil by Majestic Pure

Sandalwood is one of my all time FAVORITE scents.  For Christmas, my girlfriend gave me “The Art of Shaving” soap which was Sandalwood scented.  Ever since, I’ve been a HUGE Sandalwood scent kick.  I had an opportunity to receive a bottle of Majestic Pure 100% Authentic Pure Sandalwood Oil sent to me for free or heavily discounted in exchange for an unbiased and honest review.  Here we go:

First of all, guys – smell this!!! I can’t describe it, but it’s a woodsy very rich and elegant fragrance. It’s wonderful.  Now, what do you do with it?

I used a few drops in my aroma oil diffuser and it makes the house and my office smell wonderful.  But that’s not all…. I added some to an unscented soap I bought and it was one of the best scents to use for this purpose!!!!  My entire body smelled SO GOOD when I was done.

Sandalwood is also good for skincare and other things – but I find the oil is great for relaxation….. Lavender is nice, but Sandalwood is better.  Try it, I promise you’ll love it!

This oil is rich and full of fragrance – appears as pure as a regular person can determine without equipment!!!  I highly recommend this oil!!   It’s a little pricey, but hey – Sandalwood is so rich and elegant that it costs a lot of money.  I won’t lie.  But compared to other products, this one smells fantastic!!! Buy it!!!

Oh and you can use it to add fragrance to your bath salt soak, apply it (with a carrier oil! not directly!) to your skin, etc.  The uses for this oil are numerous!!!

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