Rude Rudy Cocktail Recipe with Jack Rudy Tonic Syrup

Why wait for the weekend…? When your Jack Rudy Cocktail Company order comes, you don’t wait to make a cocktail.

I’m not a mixologist, I entertain at home and like most of us, we want to come up with delicious drinks and cocktails to serve our guests.  Why should bars be unique?  A home bar is just as good as a martini or high end regular bar?  It shouldn’t.  A Home Bar (or your friends bar!) is the perfect bar!  I created a Facebook Page for my recipes and tips / tricks called The Kitchen Beast and I’d be honored if you’d like and follow me there!!!

Jack Rudy for those that don’t know is a boutique small batch prohibition era style company that makes absolutely delicious syrups and other mixers.  I have tried their elderflower tonic syrup, regular original tonic syrup, extra bitter tonic syrup, sweet tea syrup, and the other goodies Jack Rudy has like vermouth soaked olives, etc.  Everything was delicious but in my honest opinion, the elderflower tonic syrup and the original tonic syrup are my favorites.  That’s what inspired me to create the Monday Night Rude Rudy Cocktail!!!!!  So without further delay…

Monday Night Rude Rudy Cocktail Recipe


Add together:
1 1/2oz. Makers Mark 46 Bourbon
3/4 oz. Jack Rudy Elderflower Tonic Syrup

Add ice, and top with 5oz. Carbonated Water (club soda or sparkling water will do just fine!)

For a little “extra” you can add a couple drops of Jack Rudy Cocktail Company Aromatic Bitters

Stir or shake, your preference.

Sip and enjoy responsibly!

Plastic Cutting Board Review

Sometimes you just want a cutting board that’s not wood, that you can just throw in the dishwasher. A cutting board for your bar, for example. This cutting board is inexpensive and serves the purpose quite well.

No frills here, theres a drip juice groove ridge around the outside that actually does a pretty good job of keeping the meat juices (or fruit juices) from going onto your countertop. It’s made of anti-bacterial material and didn’t mark up hardly at all from multiple uses. Good cutting board for the price!!

See the cutting board and purchase it on

InnoGear Motion Sensor Closet 2 Pack LED Lights Stick On Magnetic

So, first of all – how this product is worded – you would think it would work as an under cabinet tap light.  Let me be clear, there is no tap function whatsoever.  It may resemble the type of tap lights you may see in a hardware store – but there is no tap function at all.

And the motion sensor – well this only works when the lights are out and it’s dark enough to trigger the motion.  So my question to InnoGear is very simple – how can we use this as effective under cabinet lighting when typically you’ll have some other light in the kitchen on and just require additional light.  I think the company has a good solid product, just how they’re marketing it makes no sense.

I did receive this for free in exchange for an unbiased and honest review.  I have no affiliation with the company and here’s the rest of my thoughts on this product.

The way this product works best is in an armoire, closet, pantry, or other place where you really don’t have good ambient light.  This is where the product excels. Using it as a closet or cupboard light is perfect because you can stick this to the underside of a surface (like a shelf or top of cabinet) and as soon as the door is opened the light turns on.  It’s a nice bright warm light that is easy to see with.  Now for this purpose the light works great.  But certainly there’s no tap light as the amazon listing says there is.  I strongly recommend they look at changing this product’s nomenclature to reflect exactly what this product is and is not.   It requires 4 AAA batteries, which aren’t included.  Pretty standard for lights like this.

This product comes with one-sided tape on one side and magnetic bar on the other.  Ingenious.  If you want to make it a magnet light, tear off the protective film from the double sided tape and stick it to the light.  Instant magnetic light.  If you’d prefer to use this as a stick on light, just tear off the protective film from the double sided tape and stick it to the surface of your choosing.  The magnet holds the light in place and if you need to take it down, the mounting for it stays on the surface.  Now that part of this light I like a lot.  It’s stylish, looks great in any decor. Very modern looking. They’re good work lights so you can see what you’re doing but was very confusing when I first read this listing.  I truly thought I was getting a 2 pack of lights I could tap on at any point.  You cannot.  And that’s actually a huge disadvantage of this design.  If they can improve it by allowing the user to turn on the lights at any point — 5 STARS ALL THE WAY.  Right now, I have to say it’s a 4 STAR light if you’re only looking for a motion activated light for your closet, pantry, cupboard, etc…

See the light at




Table Tent Smartphone Power Station for Restaurants Bars

I am not a restaurant or a bar.  What do I need with a Table Tent SmartPhone Power Station?!!?  Let me tell you… 🙂

I love being a host.  I love showing off cool devices.  In the summertime, I love to have pool parties and backyard gatherings and it never fails that someone’s battery in their phone is dying.  “Do you have a charger?!?!?”  Sure, i have an outlet right next to the pool’s water source!!! NOT!!!!!  It’s not safe.  So they end up going inside the house just to charge their phone.  This is an epic failure.  There has to be a better way.

And BPTPS figured it out with this portable charging table tent.  First of all, this was sent to me for free or highly discounted in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.  I have absolutely no affiliation with them and these are my own words 100%.

It comes packaged nicely with a removeable top so you can slide in your menu or other advertising.  The battery pack charges with an AC adapter and is 20,000 mAH which provides a TON of power storage.  It’s lightweight but heavy enough that it will not topple over.  It’s very well built and stylish.  It has 2 USB ports – on one each side, plus 2 charging cables – one for iphone (lightning) and one for android (micro USB)  – and all 4 devices can charge at once!  Even your tables too!

I brought this to one of my favorite restaurants and they were OOH’ing and AHH’ing over this.  No sooner do I show them this but one of the patrons was running around the bar searching for an outlet.  I decided to let them try this table tent power station and they were VERY impressed.  What ensued was 3 more people coming over to charge their phone, and ipad.  Yes, it even does ipads charging nicely too!   It was such a huge success that the restaurant owner now wants a bunch of them to put at her bar!  She was super impressed.

I think you would be too.  This power battery pack does everything you want it to do.  And with the advertising you can put in there, they’ll be definitely read more often than a cheap paper tent.  I HIGHLY recommend this battery pack!

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Vivree Long Cocktail Mixing Spoon

Let’s face it… Mixing spoons are never long enough. Whenever I make iced tea, my teaspoon is never long enough. I try and use a tablespoon but I end up using a butter knife. It’s frustrating!! And a stir straw, forget about it. That’s about useless for mixing drinks!

I had an opportunity to receive this spoon for free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. Let’s talk about the spoon itself. It’s long, solid, well made, and works great. It’s stylish and functional all in one. It’s at a great price too, under $9 for a top notch bar accessory!!  Every bar should have one of these.

Even the mixer that my bar tools set came with isn’t this long.  It’s perfect for milkshakes, tall drinks (long drinks), basically any drink you can come up with.  It’s over 12 inches long so I dare you to find a drink that is too tall for this.  I even used it in my pitcher that I sometimes infuse vodka in!!!!  It’s super long.  Super handy.  Get this essential bar mixing cocktail spoon and you won’t be disappointed!

History of the Copper Mug and Moscow Mule Recipe Tricks!

A little bit of history on the Moscow Mule…

The Moscow Mule actually started in the early 40’s in Manhattan where it was called the “Little Moscow”. Not a very catchy name if I may say so myself. Shortly thereafter, it was renamed the “Moscow Mule”. At the time though, Vodka wasn’t so widely consumed the way it is today. The idea was hatched by two guys – one trying to peddle the somewhat unpopular Smirnoff Vodka and the distributor having difficulty selling a spicy ginger beer they had brewed. They combined this with a friend who owned a struggling copper mug company. They were at this ginger beer bar drinking their sorrows away when they decided to throw the 3 of these things together along with some lime juice and give it a catchy name. So they they would travel around and take photos of this signature drink served in copper mugs, often leaving the photo with the bar owner to post for marketing purposes. That is how the Moscow Mule was born. Interesting? I thought so.

Now the history of the Copper Mug dates way back before the 1900’s. Copper has long been used for thousands of years as a drinking vessel. In ancient Ireland they drank from copper goblets called escra’s. India used copper cups called yogi’s. Even the early settlers in the United States drank from copper mugs!

A couple of my personal tricks… 100% Copper Mugs.  You want the thrill of drinking out of copper!  And use CRUSHED ICE.  You’re welcome for that tip.  I use both ginger ale and ginger beer – it’s really a personal preference.

Also try cutting up a couple slices of cucumber in it. It gives it a great flavor and aroma. Also throw a couple slices of real ginger in there too. It’s the perfect finish to a perfect cocktail! Enjoy…. CHEERS!

Moscow Mule