Glittercrunch Monthly Subscription Box Review

OMG what a great gift idea for those “hard to shop for people”!!! The “Glitter Crunch Box” ” glittercrunchbox ” is a new monthly subscription box dedicated to those who love and appreciate European hand painted Glass ornaments. Each month, subscribers receive a box with 1-2 European hand painted glass ornaments, plus 4-6 additional items all related to a unique, monthly theme. This month’s goodies: coconut glass ornament, popsicle ornament, oversized lip balm, salt water taffy, gourmet virginia peanuts, and a set of 3 decorative sea shells!!!

Everything in this subscription box was pretty unique and had some type of hand either painting or hand picking.  The products are one of a kind and very european in terms of the glass ornaments they provide.   You get way more than the $59/mo. monthly box subscription price, and there’s multi-month discounts available too.  There’s stand alone boxes (single purchase) if you’d like that option as well and not a monthly subscription.

So unique, so clever and what a great gift idea!!!

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LARGE Cinema Light Box with 90 Letters Symbols & Emojis

Want to have some art fun?  Or broadcast a business message? WELL THEN…. Check out this large cinema light box with 90 letters, symbols and even emojis.  Make your own creative sayings, like we did for sexy saxophone man Sergio Flores.  If you’re unfamilar, you need to check him out.  But first, this light box is LED illuminated, has plenty of letters and easy to change out.  It’s USB powered or you can use 6 AA batteries if you want to hang it on the wall for wall art and not worry about power.  It’s bright and definitely a conversation piece.

Use it for inspirational quotes, business messages, or just for fun.  You’ll have people talking for sure!!

Easy to change out the letters. Has 3 of all the letters, so you can make great quotes or messages. There’s even emojis!! It’s very fun and you can keep your message forever changing with ease. Very bright and clear. Letters are made of high quality plastic so they’re not going to break.

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Meal Prep Bento Lunch Boxes with Lids 15 Day 30 Piece

According to Wikipedia, Bento (弁当 bentō)[1] is a single-portion take-out or home-packed meal common in Japanese cuisine. A traditional bento holds rice or noodles, fish or meat, with pickled and cooked vegetables, in a box. [2] Containers range from disposable mass-produced to hand-crafted lacquerware. Bentos are readily available in many places throughout Japan, including convenience stores, bento shops (弁当屋 bentō-ya), railway stations, and department stores. However, Japanese homemakers often spend time and energy on a carefully prepared lunch box for their spouse, child, or themselves.

A “Bento Box” is commonly nowadays a high quality to-go or takeout container that is used for meal prep or food storage.  Meal prep is a great way to have portion control and to also control costs.  These bento boxes were a great find!!! $10.99 on Groupon – WOW! What a great value!

These are BPA, PVC, and phthalate free.  They can be used from freezer to microwave to dishwasher.  Safe for all!  The ones I purchased were 32oz. with 3 compartments 2 x 8 ounce and 1 x 16 ounce.  They really save money and time and are easy to stack in the freezer!!

The Perfect All Inclusive Baby Shower Kit

Know someone that’s having a baby?!?  I have found the perfect all inclusive baby shower kit!!!!  Everything is in this box, decorations, games, and more!!!! Pretty much all in the box.  Instant party!

This kit was provided to me free of charge in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.  I have no affiliation with this company and my words and experience with this product is all my own!! (and it has no impact on my review!)

In this kit you get 2 huge banners with “MOM TO BE” and “CONGRATS” in glitter letters.  They’re really great banners.  And then 25 of these very modern looking “Thank You” cards with the depection of clothes being hung up to try (with newborn clothes on it!!) – it’s actually a great way to announce having a baby by hanging up little baby clothes on a clothesline – so the cards are spot on!  Then there’s 40 of the “Mommy Advice Cards” which I’ve never heard of before.  Basically, it’s for mommies that have already been through it to tell the mommy to be what she’s going to say goodbye to, hello to, and advice on basic what happens when you have a little baby!  What a great concept.

You also get table / menu cards, sticker labels to close your thank you cards, and 2 very creative games to play at your baby shower.  “What’s The Word” and “Baby Babble” – which I won’t give everything away but they are great ice breakers and look like a whole lot of fun!

Everything is high quality, professionally printed, quality items.  A lot of thought was put into this and gives you a great “all in one” baby shower kit.  I couldn’t recommend more!!

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Remission Qi 3 Coils Wireless Charger Pad iPhone

This is an absolutely FANTASTIC wireless charging solution for your iPhone.   All the new vehicles, including my GM Cadillac Escalade, has a wireless charging pad.  You spend money on an amazing vehicle with all these bells and whistles … but Apple and their lack of support for wireless charging can’t take advantage of it.  That’s where Remission comes in with their 3 Coil Wireless Charging Receiver and Pad!

First of all, why do you need 3 coil?  Single Coil is awful.  You have to put your phone a certain way or it doesn’t charge, it doesn’t recognize the receiver right away, you end up fiddling with the phone on and off the pad to get it to sync and register.  It’s a pain in the butt.  3 Coil is where it’s at.  FOR SURE.  I’ve tried a bunch of these type of wireless chargers and this one is the best, by far.

The charging stand / pad is fantastic too.  It’s so simple to just simply put your phone on the cradle stand and it charges.  No monkeying around.  It’s as straight forward as you can get.

And in the car, obviously if your vehicle has a wireless pad, you can use it with this receiver no issues whatsoever.  I’ve tried it in a couple different GM vehicles and it worked FLAWLESSLY!!!!

Now, how do you put in the receiver…. it’s easy.  Use whatever case you want.  Personally, I’ve had good success with one particular case from Tweets Tech as it’s so thin and easy in/out but I’ve also used it with both a lifeproof as well as Otter Box case.  I’ve had NO issues with ANY case I’ve used.  And if you need to connect a charging/sync cable…… just remove the receiver and plug in your cable.  I honestly don’t know how I lived without this!!!!

I received this Qi Wireless Charger Pad and Receiver highly discounted in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.  I have no affiliation with the company and their product works perfectly.  I HIGHLY recommend this product!!!

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JUNING Android TV Box Quad Core Kodi Xbmc Root Media Player

Hey Cable Cordcutters! This is a fantastic basic inexpensive (I would say cheap but I don’t want you to think of it negatively!) Kodi box to get you started! XMBC/Kodi has become the defacto standard for watching both saved and streaming media and this box does a great job at it. 4 full-size USB ports so you can connect any peripherals you want (input devices like mice, keyboards as well as USB drives), it also has audio and AV outs as well as HDMI (that’s pretty much a given these days). The interface is a little strange unless you’ve used Kodi/XBMC before — but once you get used to it, you’ll be a pro in no time

The great part about this box is that it’s rootable – meaning there’s no restrictions on what you can install.  Put your favorite apps in and you’ll be watching literally ANY content from ANYWHERE in just a couple clicks.  New releases, live sporting events… Just find the apps you want, and install them.  You can also put popular apps on there like Netflix, Youtube, etc. so you can literally use this box as a cheap alternative to the Chromecast, Amazon Fire, and Roku boxes.  You don’t need to spend money on the expensive ones when this box does what you need! (and more!)

The menus are fluid, and very similar to Kodi running on an android phone – more like that interface than on a PC but still very similar.  And for the price, you really can’t beat it.

HIGHLY recommend this box to any cable cord cutters or TV enthusiasts who want more from their home entertainment system!

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