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TriNova Daily Granite Cleaner

When it’s the day you’ve decided to propose to your fiancee, it’s the details that matter.  After buying 10 dozen roses (yes, 10 dozen!!!!) I wanted the kitchen to look amazing.  Hand cutting each and every rose, there was rose…

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Vacuum Storage Packing Bags

Packing is a pain. I mean besides the hassles of traveling, it never seems like there’s enough room in your suitcase. I struggle with this OFTEN!!! And now that airlines are charging you extra for checking bags, even moreso now…

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Car & Home Microfiber Duster by AutoZiv

Dust is everywhere.  Your car.  Your home.  You just cannot escape it.  I’ve literally been sitting here at my desk for months going “I wish I could reach the corner of my office because there’s cob webs that I just…

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