Fitnate LED Neon Party Sign Martini Glass Light

Who doesn’t want a neon party sign in their house?!? Especially when it’s affordable and looks like a martini glass. I know I do!!!!! That’s why I bought this Fitnate light up neon sign off Amazon. I bought it because…

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Best Inexpensive Makeup Brush Set 8 Piece Kabuki

Are you looking for the best inexpensive makeup brush set?  Look no further than this Kabuki Makeup Brush Kit!  8 very soft brushes – nice application and no shedding!! And at $9.99 with FREE PRIME SHIPPING it’s almost too good…

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Under Cabinet LED Lighting Tap Light

I have found that I’m constantly looking for more light – whether in a cabinet, armoire, pantry, under sinks, closets, wherever! A strong LED tap light is essential for these hard to light places. I also don’t want to run…

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